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- Work items with ',' in title will crash WhiskWork when sending as CSV. Need way to escape.
- Make sure SimpleDBRepository stores WipLimit
-- Create WorkItemQueryResult and WorkItemUpdateQuery to capture data to ensure handling?
- Move logging out of core
-- Create application to take snapshots regurarly and log diffs
- Remove LastMoved from WorkItem
-- Move aging functionality out to separate application. Use snapshot diffs or log to calculate age
- Add possibility to reconfigure worksteps
-- post /cmsdev/cmswip step=/cmsdev/development => /cmsdev/cmswip/development
--- all workitems should be moved
-- post /cmsdev/cmswip step=development => post /cmsdev/cmswip step=development
- Look into a transactional repository
- Consolidate Caching...Repository og InMemory...Repository
-- Create Null...repository
- ToString/HashCode etc on WorkItem should be updated with UpdatedTime
- Add nested properties?