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To have this working, you need a LeapMotion controller ( and AR.Drone2.0 (

This code represents nothing new, as it has been done before, but it is my go at having these two gadgets in my hands for less than two hours.

With nodejs ( it is super easy to get full control and a flying start with hours of coding gadgets fun!! :D

To get started

Install nodejs and npm (node package manager)

Clone the repo:

git clone

cd leapdrone

Install dependencies

npm install

Run it!

node leapdrone.js

When you start

Be sure the drone is on and connected, the LeapMotion sensor is on and the Leap software running.

Keep your one hand about 10cm above the sensor.


Tilt hand left/right to fly left/right

Tilt hand forwards/backwards to fly forwards/backwards

Move hand to the left/right to turn left/right

Move hand up/down to fly higher/lower

Klick a key on the keyboard or move the hand low to land

Have fun!! :D

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