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PlatformIO build environment for the NXP JN516x ZigBee SoC
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Unofficial PlatformIO support for NXP's Jennic ZigBee family of chips (JN516x)

Requires NXP BeyondStudio Toolchain & The Jennic ZigBee SDK. Note that most of the SDK is pre-compiled and closed-source, but the PlatformIO buildscript handles linking the correct libraries and compiling the open source parts.

This has only been tested on the JN5168 platform with the ZLL DimmableLight example!!

Non-ZLL ZigBee samples may or may not build, though I have replicated most of the build logic.


Download Packages from NXP

Extract packages into PlatformIO home

  1. Extract JN-SW-4141_BeyondStudio/sdk/Tools/ba-elf-ba2-r36379/ into $PIOHOME/packages/toolchain-nxp-beyondstudio

  2. Add package.json:

    "description": "NXP BeyondStudio",
    "name": "toolchain-nxp-beyondstudio",
    "system": [
    "url": "",
    "version": "1.0.36379"
  1. Extract JN-SW-4168_SDK into $PIOHOME/packages/framework-jennic

  2. Add package.json:

    "name": "framework-jennic",
    "description": "Jennic ZigBee SDK for JN51xx chips",
    "url": "",
    "version": "1.0.1620"
  1. Extract JN-SW-4107 JN51xx Production Flash Programmer v1614 into $PIOHOME/packages/tool-jn51prog

  2. Add package.json:

    "description": "NXP Flash Programmer for Jennic JN51xx chips",
    "name": "tool-nxp-jn51prog",
    "system": [
    "url": "",
    "version": "1.0.0"

Building sample ZLL project

Download sample from:

ZigBee Light Link Solution Application Note (JN-AN-1171)

Add platformio.ini to the project root:

default_envs = dimmable-light
src_dir = # (Workspace Root)
include_dir = # (Workspace Root)

platform = nxp-jennic
framework = jennic
board = jn5168-generic

# Extra build flags required for configuring the platform
conf_target = Light_DimmableLight
conf_zps    = Common\Source\app.zpscfg
conf_os     = Common_Light\Source\App_ZLL_Light_JN516x.oscfgdiag

# Select files to compile
src_filter =

# Flags applied only to project source files (not SDK)
src_build_flags =

build_flags =
    -I./Light_DimmableLight/Source  # ZCL SDK needs zcl_options.h
    -DDR1175  # DriverBulb driver
#    -DRGB  # For RGB targets

Add your encryption keys 😉

Common_Light/Source/zpr_light_node.c : s_au8ZllLnkKeyArray[]
Common_Light/Source/app_light_commission_task.c : sMasterKey[], ZLL_SUPPORTED_KEYS
Common_Controller/Source/app_remote_comission_task.c : sMasterKey[], ZLL_SUPPORTED_KEYS

Compile with PlatformIO:

> pio run
PLATFORM: NXP Jennic ZigBee Platform 1.0.1620 > JN5168 Generic Module
HARDWARE: JN5168 32KB RAM, 256KB Flash
 - framework-jennic 1.0.1620 
 - tool-nxp-jn51prog 1.0.0
 - toolchain-nxp-beyondstudio 1.0.36379
Conf Target: Light_DimmableLight
Conf ZPS:    $PROJECT_SRC_DIR\Common\Source\app.zpscfg
Conf OS:     $PROJECT_SRC_DIR\Common_Light\Source\App_ZLL_Light_JN516x.oscfgdiag
JENNIC_MAC:   MiniMacShim
LIBS:    ['Aes', 'HardwareApi', 'MicroSpecific', 'Boot', 'Recal', 'BoardLib', 'DBG', 'MiniMac', 'MiniMacShim', 'MMAC', 'ZPSAPL']


Building .pio\build\dimmable-light\firmware.bin
RAM:   [========  ]  77.7% (used 25460 bytes from 32768 bytes)
Flash: [======    ]  59.9% (used 157121 bytes from 262144 bytes)


pio -t upload

Hardware Configuration:

Pin Description
VDD 3.3V
RST# Pull low to reset
PRG# Hold low while resetting to enter bootloader
D13 DimmableLight PWM Output

Proof - connected to HomeAssistant via Zigbee2Mqtt!


This project is not affiliated with NXP in any way. It is an unofficial port of the provided makefiles, and I provide no guarantee that it will work correctly.

Inspired by the great work by PeeVeeOne

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