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Enterprise Data Analytics by Jortilles! The easiest analytics tool.


git clone


  • EDA/eda/eda_api/config/database.config.js #to set the mongodb database. You need a local mongodb server and a database for EDA.
module.exports = {
    url: "mongodb://"

  • EDA/eda/eda_app/src/app/config/config.ts #to set the backend url
export const URL_SERVICES = '/localhost:8666'; #by default api port is 8666


Once cloned this repository and configured just build the API and the APP.

cd EDA/eda/eda_api
npm install
npm start
cd EDA/eda/eda_app
npm install
npm start


The easiest way to run and try EDA is using docker:

docker run -p 80:80 jortilles/eda:latest

Once the process if finish, just go to http://localhost

If you are a Windows user, you can download a Windows bundle from sourceforge:

Download the latest package. unzip it wherever you want and run: run_eda.bat

It only has one prerequisite: node.js lts.

It will open several windows. The mongodb database and the web server.

After all, you can go to http: // localhost: 8080 / index.html

Easily, you can do dashboads as nice as this one:

EDA Sample

You can see it in action here


We just created documentation site