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Convert files from one markup format into another using pandoc. See for more information.

Warning: The installation can may take a while, since it is installing padoc via the npm package pandoc-bin.


Command Format Extension
pandoc-convert:asciidoc AsciiDoc .asciidoc
pandoc-convert:beamer Beamer .tex
pandoc-convert:context ConTeXt .tex
pandoc-convert:docbook DocBook .xml
pandoc-convert:docx docx .docx
pandoc-convert:dzslides DZSlides .html
pandoc-convert:epub epub .epub
pandoc-convert:epub3 epub3 .epub
pandoc-convert:fb2 FictionBook .fb2
pandoc-convert:html HTML .html
pandoc-convert:html5 HTML5 .html
pandoc-convert:icml icml .icml
pandoc-convert:json JSON .json
pandoc-convert:latex LaTeX .tex
pandoc-convert:man man .man
pandoc-convert:markdown Markdown .md
pandoc-convert:markdown-github Markdown (Github) .md
pandoc-convert:markdown-mmd MultiMarkdown .md
pandoc-convert:markdown-phpextra Markdown (PHP extras) .md
pandoc-convert:markdown-strict Markdown (Strict) .md
pandoc-convert:mediawiki Mediawiki .txt
pandoc-convert:native native .hs
pandoc-convert:odt odt .odt
pandoc-convert:opendocument opendocument .odf
pandoc-convert:opml OPML .opml
pandoc-convert:org org .org
pandoc-convert:pdf PDF .pdf
pandoc-convert:plain Plain text .txt
pandoc-convert:revealjs reveal.js .html
pandoc-convert:rst rst .rst
pandoc-convert:rtf rtf .rtf
pandoc-convert:s5 s5 .html
pandoc-convert:slideous slideous .html
pandoc-convert:slidy slidy .html
pandoc-convert:texinfo texinfo .texi
pandoc-convert:textile textile .textile