The official Twitter plugin for WordPress. Embed Twitter content and grow your audience on Twitter.
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Twitter plugin for WordPress

The Twitter plugin for WordPress optimizes your website for a Twitter audience through easy to use sharing buttons, embedded Tweets, auto-generated markup indexed by Twitter, and Follow buttons to help grow your Twitter audience. All features are deeply integrated with WordPress APIs to make building your webpages and administrative features as easy as possible with the extensibility you expect from WordPress.

The Twitter plugin for WordPress requires PHP 5.4 or greater to take advantage of traits, late static bindings for extensibility, namespaces, and Twitter libraries. Embedded Tweets require a server capable of communicating with Twitter's servers over TLS/SSL; the cURL library typically works best.

Current version: 1.1.0

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Embedded Tweets

Add an embedded Tweet to your site by URL or by using the tweet shortcode macro.

Add a Twitter embedded video widget to your site by using the twitter_video shortcode macro.

Customize an embedded Tweet color scheme to match your site's color palette. Choose a theme type, link color, and border color in the WordPress administrative interface.

Twitter Cards

The Twitter plugin for WordPress will automatically generate Twitter Twitter Cards markup to highlight your post content when shared on Twitter. Add your site and author Twitter usernames through the WordPress administrative interface to attribute content to Twitter authors and drive followers.

Add your site's Twitter username through the WordPress administrative interface to enable free Twitter Analytics for your site. Twitter Analytics shows the popularity of your site's URLs shared on Twitter, the Twitter accounts growing your content's reach, and how your content spreads across Twitter.

Customize each post's Twitter Card title and description directly from the WordPress editor to fine-tune your content marketing for the Twitter audience.

Tweet Button

Add a Tweet Button to any page using the twitter_share shortcode macro to encourage sharing of your content on Twitter. The Twitter plugin for WordPress automatically pulls in site and author Twitter accounts to credit in the Tweet and grow followers.

Customize Tweet text and add hashtags Tweet Button shares for your post through a custom editor in the WordPress post editing interface.

Follow Button

Add a Follow Button to your site by configuring a Follow button WordPress widget for use in an eligible widget area. Add a Follow button anywhere in your post content or theme using the twitter_follow shortcode macro.

Advertising Tracking

WordPress-powered sites with Twitter advertising accounts can use the twitter_tracking shortcode with a campaign identifier to track advertising conversions or build a custom audience for later targeting in a Twitter advertisement. Easily track activity on your WordPress site with JavaScript and other resources optimally loaded through WordPress.

Code of Conduct

This, and all projects, are under the Twitter Open Source Code of Conduct. Additionally, see the Typelevel Code of Conduct for specific examples of harassing behavior that are not tolerated.


End user support questions should be submitted to the WordPress plugin repository forum:

Bugs or feature development contributions should be created through the GitHub repository:


A full list of contributors can be found on GitHub.


Copyright 2015 Twitter, Inc.

Licensed under the MIT License: