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A based node project to read sensor data and push it to firebase
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RPi sensor logger

This based Raspberry pi node application reads temperature and humidity information from a sensor (DHT11/22 or AM2302) attached to the Raspberry pi and pushes the data to firebase in a given interval.

Borrows from and shaunmulligan/firebaseDTL.


  • A Raspberry pi
  • A DHT11, DHT22 or AM2032 sensor
  • A account
  • A firebase account

Environment variables you can set in your dashboard:


  • FIREBASE_URL: The url to your firebase.
  • FIREBASE_SECRET: The firebase secret.


  • SENSOR_INTERVAL: The interval (in seconds) in which to query the sensor for data. Defaults to 300 (5min).
  • SENSOR_TYPE: The sensor type, defaults to 22. Possible values: DHT11: 11, DHT22: 22, AM2302: 22.
  • SENSOR_PIN: The sensor gpio pin, defaults to 4.
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