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Gulp Boilerplate

This is a very basic boilerplate to get started with. It includes a specific folder structure with some predefined HTML/SCSS and runs on Git and Gulp.


Folder Structure

The src folder is for development only, where you can find all of the SCSS code, uncompressed JavaScript and uncompressed images or placeholders used for development.

The dist folder is the one you upload on a server when deploying your project. Here are all minified and compressed files and images, automatically created by Gulp. This folder is empty by default - the minified files will be created by Gulp.

Install Gulp

  1. Install gulp globally for all projects: npm install -g gulp

  2. Install gulp dev dependencies: npm install

  3. Install postcss plugins: npm install gulp-postcss pixrem autoprefixer cssnano

Enabling Sourcemaps in Chrome

  1. Open DevTools with Ctrl+Shift+I

  2. Open the settings in the upper right corner (or press F1)

  3. Make sure Enable CSS source maps and Auto-reload generated CSS are enabled

  4. Go to Workspace and add your local project folder

  5. Restart DevTools


Use minified CSS

  • Use the minified CSS file by changing your input style.css to style.min.css in your HTML files. (If you don't want to use sourcemaps you can do this in development stage)