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A rough roadmap for math.js.

Version 1.x

  • Support for derived units (like km/h, kg*m/s2, etc).
  • Improve performance. Rewrite Matrix to support typed arrays.
  • Change to a modular architecture, split the library into separate modules like mathjs-core, mathjs-expression, mathjs-unit, mathjs-matrix, mathjs-complex, mathjs-bignumber, and maybe separate modules mathjs-statistics, mathjs-numeric, etc.
  • Support for fractions.
  • Functions and data types for numeral systems: Bin, Oct, Hex, Dec.
  • BigNumber support for all functions and constants (for example trigonometric functions still miss BigNumber support).
  • Full scripting capabilities for the expression parser (for and while loops, function blocks, etc).
  • Implement a more broad set of common functions covering all common mathematical areas.

Version 2.x

  • Support for symbolic algebra.