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Hide implicit multiplication (symbols) when using math.simplify to evaluate custom functions #1137

samueltlg opened this Issue Jun 16, 2018 · 7 comments


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samueltlg commented Jun 16, 2018

Hi there,

I have this piece of code:

function genRandomInt(min, max) {
  return min + Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min + 1))

genRandomInt.transform = function(min, max) {
  const res = genRandomInt(min, max)
  return res

  r: genRandomInt

const node = math.parse('r(1,4)x')

const rules = [

const simplified = math.simplify(node)
console.log(simplified.toTex({implicit: 'hide'}))
katex.render(simplified.toTex(), elem)

I am looking to use the simplify function in order to evaluate custom functions only ; hence I am not using math.eval. However, it seems that using math.simplify seems to make multiplication explicit, hence the { implicit: 'hide' } option belonging to toTex has no effect. Is there a way to retain this implicit multiplication when using simplify?

Also, I was looking for a way to perhaps use \times and \cdot in TeX output, does toTex cater for this? I cannot seem to find this anywhere.
Furthermore, after looking at the documentation for simplify, it does state that you can use rules, but I am unable to find a way to use it such that, for example, only custom functions are evaluated, is this also a possibility?

Many thanks,


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josdejong commented Jun 24, 2018

Thanks for reporting!

A simpler example demonstrating the issue is:

const f = math.parse('2x')
console.log(f.toString({implicit: 'hide'})) // '2 x'
const simplified = math.simplify(f)
console.log(simplified.toString({implicit: 'hide'})) // '2 * x' instead of '2 x'

The simplify function somewhere loses the implicit property of the original OperatorNode *, it would be nice if it can keep track on implicit multiplication when multiplications are left unchanged.

@josdejong josdejong added the feature label Jun 24, 2018

@josdejong josdejong closed this in c3827d7 Jul 7, 2018


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josdejong commented Jul 7, 2018

This should be fixed now in v5.0.2


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samueltlg commented Jul 8, 2018

Great! Thanks


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Radivarig commented Sep 30, 2018

Happens in 5.1.2


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josdejong commented Sep 30, 2018

@Radivarig can you give an example of when this still happens? It works as expected for example in the following case:

math.simplify('2 x').toString() // '2 x'

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Radivarig commented Sep 30, 2018


$ node -v

$ cat package.json | grep mathjs
  "mathjs": "^5.1.2"
// index.js
const math = require ("mathjs")

const expr = "2 x + 3 x"
const n0 = math.parse (expr) // works
const n1 = math.simplify(n0) // does not work

;[n0, n1].map (function(n, i) {
  const ni = `n${i}`
  console.log ("\n" + ni,n.toString ())
  console.log (ni, n.toString ({ "implicit": "hide" }))
  console.log (ni, n.toString ({ "implicit": "show" }))
  console.log (ni, n.toTex ({ "implicit": "hide" }))
  console.log (ni, n.toTex ({ "implicit": "show" }))
$ node index.js 

n0 2 x + 3 x
n0 2 x + 3 x
n0 2 * x + 3 * x
n0 2~ x+3~ x
n0 2\cdot x+3\cdot x

n1 5 * x
n1 5 * x
n1 5 * x
n1 5\cdot x
n1 5\cdot x

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josdejong commented Oct 3, 2018

Ah ok.

Right now implicit multiplication is only retained in parts of the expression that are not changed when simplified, like 2 x. When replacing parts of the expression, output is always explicit multiplication.

I guess we could improve simplify to check cases like 2x + 3x where both sides of the expression have an implicit multiplication and if so keep the implicit multiplication in place.

Anyone interested in picking this up?

@josdejong josdejong reopened this Oct 3, 2018

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