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** Version 0.5 - Date 03.06.2011 **
* Fixed a bug in M.I18N
* Added setValue() to M.LabelView
* Added autogrow-mechanism to M.TextFieldView in combination with content binding
* Refactored event handling (all over and over all)
* Refactored childViews property (it's way more robust now)
* Updated jQuery to 1.6.1
* Updated jQuery Mobile to 1.0b1
* Refactored content binding (1): It now uses target/property (same as events)
* Refactored content binding (2): Added recursion, so now something like 'person.address.street' is possible
* Added method to remove a view's child views (e.g. used in toggle view)
* Refactored dialogs: no more rendered as page but as an overlay animated with CSS3
* Refactored toggle view: do show/hide instead of add/remove
** Version 0.4 - Date 19.04.2011 **
* Updated jQuery to 1.5.2
* Updated jQuery Mobile to 1.0a4.1
* Updated M.DatePickerView to work with latest version of JQM
* Updated M.SelectionListView to work with latest version of JQM
* Fixed a bug in M.ToggleView
** Version 0.3 - Date 22.02.2011 **
* Added M.DatePickerView.
* Added 'entryPage' property to M.Application and refactored the process of launching this first page.
* Added bootstrapping directory (needed for some startup scripts).
* Added jquery_mobile_plugins directory for jQM based plugins.
* Fixed a bug with M.ListView: ID 0 of a model record was ignored due to an invalid constraint.
* Added CouchDB Data Provider
* Bugfixes in M.Model
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