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Starter Files + Solutions to my Course
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02 - Starter Files and Tooling Setup
03 - CSS Grid Fundamentals
04 - CSS Grid Dev Tools
05 - CSS Grid Implicit vs Explicit Tracks
06 - CSS grid-auto-flow Explained
07 - Sizing tracks in CSS Grid
08 - CSS Grid repeat function
09 - Sizing Grid Items
10 - Placing Grid Items
11 - Spanning and Placing Cardio
12 - auto-fit and auto-fill
13 - Using minmax() for Responsive Grids
14 - Grid Template Areas
15 - Naming Lines in CSS Grid
16 - grid-auto-flow dense Block Fitting
17 - CSS Grid Alignment + Centering
18 - Re-ordering Grid Items
19 - Nesting Grid with Album Layouts
20 - CSS Grid Image Gallery
21 - Flexbox vs CSS Grid
22 - Recreating Codepen
23 - Bootstrappy Grid with CSS Variables
24 - Responisve Website
25 - Full Bleed Blog Layout

CSS Grid Video Course

Hey! These are the starter files and finished solutions. Grab the full course over at

Course FAQ

Q: I'm getting Browsersync Couldn't open browser (if you are using BrowserSync in a headless environment, you might want to set the open option to false)

This is because some versions of Firefox are "FirefoxDeveloperEdition" and some new downloads are "Firefox Developer Edition". If you had downloaded the browser before the course, just remove the spaces from the package.json command so it says "FirefoxDeveloperEdition"

Q: I can't see the lines / numbers of Firefox' CSS Grid Inspection Tools

Make sure to turn off both "Use recommended performance settings" & "Use hardware acceleration when available“ within Preferences > Performance

Community CSS Grid Content

Feel free to submit a PR adding a link to your own recaps, guides or reviews!

A note on Pull Requests

These are meant to be 1:1 copies of what is done in the video. If you found a better / different way to do things, great, but I will be keeping them the same as the videos.

The starter files + solutions will be updated if/when the videos are updated.


Live editable examples

I recommend you use the files in the repo, but if you prefer to use JSFiddle instead, here are all the starter files ready to go:

  1. Starter Files and Tooling Setup
  2. CSS Grid Fundamentals
  3. CSS Grid Dev Tools
  4. CSS Grid Implicit vs Explicit Tracks
  5. CSS grid-auto-flow Explained
  6. Sizing tracks in CSS Grid
  7. CSS Grid repeat function
  8. Sizing Grid Items
  9. Placing Grid Items
  10. Spanning and Placing Cardio
  11. auto-fit and auto-fill
  12. Using minmax() for Responsive Grids
  13. Grid Template Areas:
  14. Naming Lines in CSS Grid
  15. grid-auto-flow dense Block Fitting
  16. CSS Grid Alignment + Centering
  17. Re-ordering Grid Items
  18. Nesting Grid with Album Layouts
  19. CSS Grid Image Gallery
  20. Flexbox vs CSS Grid:
  21. Recreating Codepen
  22. Bootstrappy Grid with CSS Variables
  23. Responisve Website
  24. Full Bleed Blog Layout
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