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WakaTime Unity3d (https://unity3d.com/) plugin

Behold, this is not related to Ubuntu's Unity.


Option 1: Quick Install Version

DOWNLOAD & Import unitypackage.

If this option does not work try option 2.

Option 2: Manual Installation Alternative

1. Clone the repository into your computer

  # Using SSH
  git clone git@github.com:josec89/wakatime-unity.git`

  # Or using HTTPS
  git clone https://github.com/josec89/wakatime-unity.git`

2. Get the latest version of the submodules (WakaTime python client)

  git submodule update --init

3. Copy the Editor folder into the root Assets folder of your project

(The Editor folder MUST be in the root of Assets)

Copy the Editor folder

4. Insert your API key in the WakaTime Window.

Insert API Key Set API Key

5. (Windows) If Python is not installed it will Download and Install it.

Download Python Install Python Installing Python

6. Work normally and it will track your time.

WakaTime Screenshots

WakaTime Dashboard


This project depends on the WakaTime client. If this project stops working, try to update the wakatime client located on Editor/WakaTime/client (or reinstall this package following the instructions again).