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Configuration service

Examples of microservice instrastructures: Configuration provider

Blog post

For this example, a Configuration service is used for centralizing the configuration. Explanation of the architecture and purpose of having a configuration service can be found here: http://www.josedab.com/2016/02/16/microservices-writing-a-centralized-configuration-microservice/


When implementing microservices, you can go for isolating the configuration for each service into its own project. To instantiate a service, we would need several properties like:

  • Where the service is going to listen?
  • Where do we store the additional properties?
  • Do I need to communicate to other processes/services? If so, how do I connect to them without having hardcoded the information?

Main issues you can find with decentralized configuration are:

  • Maintainability of configuration
  • Inconsistency on properties
  • Dynamic property refresh on microservices
  • Each microservice deals with the configuration: duplication of code, no flexibility, etc...

Solving the issue of configuration inconsistency and maintainability on distributed systems and to act as a main point for configuration , we could go for the option of having a microservice for providing the configuration to the rest of the services.


Each maven subproject is a Spring Boot application. Running the example would be as easy as running the following: mvn spring-boot:run inside each of the suprojects.

The recommended way to deploy is:

  • Deploy config-service
  • Deploy service a
  • Deploy service b