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from jQuery QueryBuilder to Doctrine QueryBuilder
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from jQuery QueryBuilder to Doctrine QueryBuilder


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This Symfony Bundle converts the JSON from the jQuery QueryBuilder into a Doctrine QueryBuilder, in fact, you must provide a "QueryBuilder Doctrine" in parameter, and the "where" conditions of the JSON are added, which is done on this "QueryBuilder Doctrine", and it is returned to you

jQuery QueryBuilder :

Doctrine QueryBuilder :


Entrance :

  • Doctrine createQueryBuilder()* and jQuery QueryBuilder JSON

Output :

  • Doctrine createQueryBuilder()* with the WHERE conditions of the jQuery QueryBuilder JSON

How to use it

To convert a JSON jQuery QueryBuilder to a QueryBuilder Doctrine :

    echo "Hello world!";


Many thanks to Tim Groeneveld (timgws) !!

Because a large majority of the code of this project is inspired (re-copies) of its project: QueryBuilderParser of Tim Groeneveld (timgws) And a more global thank you to all the contributors of the project QueryBuilderParser :

Reporting Issues

If you do find an issue, please feel free to report it with new issue for this project.

Alternatively, fork the project and make a pull request :)

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