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Twin Pines

Taking you back through the history of National Parks. Built using Svelte and ZEIT Now API routes.

Twin Pines


When working with Twin Pines it is important to note a few required environment variables:

  • NPS_API_KEY: National Parks Service API key, required for API work. This is not required for the mock API /api/mock/*
  • LOCATIONIQ_API_KEY: required for reverse geocoding service /api/service/reverse-geocode
  • AUTH0_DOMAIN: required for Auth0 authentication service
  • AUTH0_CLIENT_ID: required for Auth0 authentication service
  • AUTH0_CLIENT_SECRET: required for Auth0 authentication service

Getting Started

  1. Clone or download this repo
  2. Rename .env.sample to .env
    1. populate fields with your secrets
  3. Install dependencies with yarn or yarn install
  4. Run the app's dev server with yarn dev
  5. Run the ZEIT Now dev server to enable API routes (must be a part of TwinPines Now Team)
    1. Install ZEIT Now CLI globally with yarn global add now
    2. Sign up for a ZEIT Now account and login locally
    3. Set up the Now project with now
    4. Step through the prompts, scoping Twin Pines
      1. It will ask to link to existing project, select y
      2. Link to existing twin pines (this will give necessary configuration)
    5. Run the Now development server with now dev

Future Plans

  • set up IndexedDB interface
  • design client-based caching mechanism for NPS API calls
    • most likely stringified JSON in localStorage
    • look into indexeddb in case this data exceeds 10MB
    • this will help cut down on API usage, especially since the data is relatively static except for a few endpoints:
      • alerts
  • Add Fauna for user settings
    • store settings in indexeddb for intermediate
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