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Web version fix

First off, big thanks to zep (@lexaloffle) for helping me get the web version working.

The problem is that the `pico8` binary was reporting that the .png export was saving, but not throwing an error that the compression couldn't fit inside the png.

This commit does many things, none of which change the gameplay:

1) Rooms are no longer encoded in the source code, but instead encoded into the GFX and MAP banks, thanks to zep's handy dandy decomp function. Just adding this still goes over the PNG export limit.

2) Removed all uppercases - without this, compression has to encode the characters into the header, which in turn, goes over the limit. By removing all the cases from the script, the game now compresses inside the PNG export. Because of this change, the swapcase function no longer does anything, so I removed it (didn't do anything visually, just corrected the text case)

A few other changes:

* Adding name and company comments
* Added credit to zep in readme
* Removed room build output from (use comp from
* Added a then end for indexof to enforce proper syntax highlighting.
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josefnpat committed May 31, 2016
1 parent b653b35 commit 86f9a451c68a036b7562cb6eb8362a85363a7ff1
Showing with 374 additions and 370 deletions.
  1. +5 −5
  2. +4 −0
  3. +128 −128 src/data.gfx
  4. +2 −0 src/data.header
  5. +206 −208 src/data.lua
  6. +29 −29 src/
@@ -7,11 +7,11 @@ cat src/data.header > ${OUTPUT}
echo "git = \"$GIT\"" >> ${OUTPUT}
echo "git_count = \"$GIT_COUNT\"" >> ${OUTPUT}
echo "rooms={}" >> ${OUTPUT}
for file in src/assets/rooms/* ; do
echo -n "rooms[\"$(basename $file)\"] = " >> ${OUTPUT}
cat $file >> ${OUTPUT}
#echo "rooms={}" >> ${OUTPUT}
#for file in src/assets/rooms/* ; do
# echo -n "rooms[\"$(basename $file)\"] = " >> ${OUTPUT}
# cat $file >> ${OUTPUT}
echo "people={}" >> ${OUTPUT}
for file in src/assets/people/* ; do
@@ -6,3 +6,7 @@ string/sprite conversion based off of work by @S0phieH
Extra compression so it fits in the web version by @lexaloffle
Oops, something went wrong.

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