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This is a set of utilities made for the 0.1.2 .p8 PICO-8 file format.

They were written against Lua 5.3, but will most likely run correctly against Lua 5.x.

All of these scripts were made with the unix philosophy.

For pico2png.lua and png2pico.lua, you need to use luajit, magick (luarocks install magick) and have imagemagick installed.

For pack.lua, you need to have lfs installed (luarocks install luafilesystem)

Example usage:

Extract foo.p8's Lua code from foo.p8:

lua ./pico2lua.lua foo.p8 > foo.lua

Extract foo.p8's gfx as a png from foo.p8:

lua ./pico2png.lua foo.p8 > foo.png

these examples include backup

Update foo.p8's Lua code with foo.lua:

cp foo.lua foo.backup.lua && luajit ./png2pico.lua foo.lua foo.backup.p8 > foo.p8

Update foo.p8's spritesheet gfx with foo.png:

cp foo.p8 foo.backup.p8 && luajit ./png2pico.lua foo.png foo.backup.p8 > foo.p8


While some of these scripts can use any 5.x version of lua, the ones dependent on magick requires luajit (which is the drop in for 5.1).

If you have instructions for an OS that is not listed here, please open an issue with instructions or make a pull request.

Linux (Arch)

sudo pacman -S lua51 luajit luarocks5.1
sudo luarocks-5.1 install magick
luarocks-5.1 list
cd /path/to/repo


brew install lua51
brew install luajit
luarocks-5.1 install magick
luarocks-5.1 install luafilesystem
cd /path/to/repo