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Snippet Browser

Quick Reference

  • Snippet can be inserted by providing full name of an element (for example div).
  • If you want to provide element's content right during snippet insertion you can do it by appending x to the element name (for example divx). Shortcut|Description|Comment --------|-----------|------- a|(element) with attribute|suffix e|element|- s|self-closing (element)|suffix x|(element) with content|suffix

List of Selected Snippets

Shortcut Title
a a
abbr abbr
acronym acronym
address address
applet applet
area area
article article
aside aside
audio audio
b b
base base
basefont basefont
bdi bdi
bdo bdo
big big
blockquote blockquote
body body
br br
button button
c comment
canvas canvas
caption caption
cdata CDATA section
cdatax CDATA section (with content)
center center
cite cite
code code
col col
colgroup colgroup
datalist datalist
dd dd
del del
delins del+ins
details details
dfn dfn
dialog dialog
dir dir
div div
dl dl
dt dt
e element
ea element (with attribute)
eas self-closing element (with attribute)
eax element (with attribute, with content)
em em
embed embed
es self-closing element
ex element (with content)
fieldset fieldset
figure figure
font font
footer footer
form form
frame frame
frameset frameset
h h1
h2 h2
h3 h3
h4 h4
h5 h5
h6 h6
head head
header header
hr hr
html html
i i
iframe iframe
img img
input input
ins ins
kbd kbd
keygen keygen
label label
legend legend
li li
link link
main main
map map
mark mark
menu menu
menuitem menuitem
meta meta
meter meter
nav nav
noframes noframes
noscript noscript
object object
ol ol
optgroup optgroup
option option
output output
p p
param param
pre pre
progress progress
q q
r region
rp rp
rt rt
ruby ruby
s s
samp samp
script script
section section
select select
small small
source source
span span
strike strike
strong strong
style style
sub sub
summary summary
sup sup
table table
tbody tbody
td td
textarea textarea
tfoot tfoot
th th
thead thead
time time
title title
tr tr
track track
tt tt
u u
ul ul
var var
video video
wbr wbr

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