Makes it possible to use Episerver as a headless API without Find.
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Headless Episerver API without find and with pretty urls.


How to use it

  1. Install-Package JOS.Epi.ContentApi(Normal nuget, not episerver feed)
  2. Set your accept header to "application/json" and make a GET request to your desired page.
  3. Profit.

How does it work?

  1. Gets the current IShouldSerializeResponseStrategy and executes it.
  2. If IShouldSerializeResponseStrategy returns false, the module returns.
  3. If IShouldSerializeResponseStrategy returns true we get the current IUrlResolver and tries to route the current path and map it to IContent.
  4. If no content is found the module returns.
  5. If content is found -> we get the current IContentApiSerializer and calls .Serialize(contentData) and then returns the result.


You can swap out the following interfaces