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Personal landing page. Using HTML5, Sass, JavaScript/jQuery, Gulp & Eslint
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josegLEGO - Landing Page

This a personal "Handmade" landing page build with HTML, CSS & JavaScript. It's based on Bootstrap 3, Sass & jQuery with some thirds libs. I prefer AngularJs, it's my normal tool. But you don't need a laser gun to kill a mosquito, do you?

External Requirements

It has a lot of requirements, but are imported with NPM & Bower. So, you just need to install them through these apps. Here you can find the Instructions Manual of their official pages.

Get it

You can clone it

$ git clone

You can download it

  1. Go to josegLEGO-repo
  2. Click on Clone or Download
  3. Finally, click Download ZIP

Internal Requirements


$ npm install
$ bower install

Start server

This app works with a npm server (Browser Sync) and watcher over important files. It re-evaluate the changes on index.html, /app/assets/scss/*, /app/styles/*, /app/assets/scripts/*, /app/views/*, and generated files (in case of .scss to .css) and reload the browser.

$ gulp serve                   # You must be on the root folder of the repository

Other Gulps Tasks

Generated Minified Files to Server

It generate the minified files (.html, .css & .js) and build a production version in the dist/ folder. So, you can move the content of this folder to your server and it's ready as your page.

$ gulp build:dist                   # You must be on the root folder of the repository

Generated Minified Files to GitHubPages

It reuse the previous task. But it moves all the files to root folder and can works as a GitHubPage. You just neeed to commit the changes and push to master.

$ gulp build:ghp                   # You must be on the root folder of the repository

File Structure

### It's ordered by use, just for instructional purpose

- root-folder/                     # In my case is folder. You can rename it.

  # Documentation file used in github to explain project and all stuff related to it.
  -                      # This document

  # Where the magic happens <3
  # It's where you can find, edit and build your webpage. Basically, you need to edit the index.html 
  # Add your images in assets/images. Edit styles in scss/main.scss and scripts on scripts
  - app/                           # The source folder
    - assets/                      # The files folder (more order)
      - files/                     # Downloadable files (in my case my Resume)
      - images/                    # Used images 
      - scripts/                   # JavaScript Files
        - main.js                  # The javascript with all custom js of the page.
      - scss/                      # Sass files
        - elements/                # Defined and customed elements in the projects (modal, section, etc)
        - main.scss                # Main Sass file
        - modules/                 # Base of Sass
        - partials/                # Specific Sass by section of the page
      - styles/                    # CSS files
        main.css                   # All custom style of the page (generated based on Sass folder)
    - index.html                   # Source page. 
    - views/                       # HTML files to import as views

  # package.json is required by npm. And it defines developments requirements. (for gulp)
  # bower.json is required by bower. And it defines Web Page requirements.
  # gulpfile.js is the task automator file uses to generated and do boring stuff related to this page.
  # In this files are all the tasks which can help you! 
  - package.json                   # Requirements file
  - bower.json                     # Requirements file
  - gulpfile.js                    # Task Manager file

  # bower_components are vendor libs used by the web page
  # node_modules are vendor libs used by gulp to help you with the boring stuff
  - bower_components/              # Vendor Libs
  - node_modules/                  # Vendor Libs

  # The web page. Minified and ready to serve it (@GitHubPages) or just copy and paste theses files on a Apache Server
  - index.html                     # Generated main file (to serve in GitHubPages)
  - views/                         # Generated views files (to serve in GitHubPages)
  - assets/                        # Generated files production (to serve in GitHubPages)
  - favicon.ico                    # Project favicon

Third Libs

If you wanna use only a specific feature found in this page. You can check the third libs we are using and go for it:

Extra Hint

You can find more awesome images on Unsplash

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