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Deprecated: builds a barebones app skeleton based on the db config
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App Skellington


This is basically an app skeleton for CakePHP using RANDOM stuff. Seriously, it ends up nothing like the default bake templates.


I don’t know, as lots of stuff is still broken – like the Js stuff – but you do have to use this as the skeleton for your app. Be warned if stuff breaks your app randomly. Version control ftw!


Too many to list. I’m on a don’t ask, don’t tell policy.


  • Me: what do you think?
  • Patrick: looks good
  • Patrick: I’m into it
  • Me: it’s almost there, gotta get the edit views working (so that one could comment on something if it is meant to be commented on)
  • Me: there are other things I want to add too
  • Me: and once i get it to a beta, im going to make it a hosted app
  • Patrick: where are you going to host it? going to charge for it?
  • Patrick: I thought it was just going to be open soruce
  • Me: yeah it will be open source
  • Me: but some people wont want to run php on their rails machines ;)
  • Patrick: right
  • Me: also, i have db naming conventions
  • Me: learning those wouldnt be tough but it doesnt need to occur
  • Me: my application generator is almost done
  • Me: i just released 0.1
  • Me: by almost done i mean workable
  • Me: 0.2 will enable commenting on records if the database table is setup correctly
  • Patrick: sick
  • Me: 0.3 will allow adding images and attachments to records
  • Me: 0.4 will integrate some minimal Ajax effects
  • Me: 0.5 will have an online webapp that produces a zip of exactly what you want to have in your app
  • Me: 0.6 will enable application namespacing
  • Me: so something like setting the Project model as the namespace means any model with a ‘project_id’ attribute will require the namespace on certain actions in order to correctly produce data
  • Me: 0.7 will enable custom permission setting in-app, as opposed to editing a php file
  • Me: 0.8 will be a caching revamp
  • Patrick: tons of milestones
  • Me: 0.9 will introduce niceties, like allowing users to have notifications set etc. on various records and record types (either a Job System or outright emailing would be allowed), and importing data from various providers into certain models (so like a model named “Image” might import from flickr or photobucket)
  • Me: and the 1.0 will be polish
  • Patrick: pretty good
  • Patrick: yo dawg, can I use the app generator to generate an app generator?
  • Me: 1.0 would probably include suggestions for various models or apps
  • Me: so app templates (want to rebuild lighthouse? auto-import images from various providers? make an exception handling app like getexceptional?) would be included
  • Me: It’ll probably take the entire summer
  • Me: but I’m getting there and I have various plans for each stage
  • Me: gonna start sprint planning sunday and work mon-friday on it
  • Me: pretty excited for it
  • Patrick: sounds pretty sick
  • Me: you rails developers will be so jealous
  • Patrick: eh
  • Me: haha
  • Patrick: I’m not a rails developer
  • Me: ru-bee
  • Me: ruh-bee
  • Patrick: word
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