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This plugin provides an easy way to install plugins from a github account (predefined)


  • the function "shell_exec()" must be enabled on the server
  • git must be installed and configured on the server in order to use the git functionality (you can still install plugins from archives!)


  • Clone from github : in your plugin directory type git clone git:// github_plugin
  • Add as a git submodule : in your plugin directory type git submodule add git:// github_plugin
  • Download an archive from github and extract it in /plugins/github_plugin


  • List installed plugins
  • View available plugins
  • Search available plugins
  • Install plugin as a git submodule
  • Install plugin from a zip archive via github
  • Update all git plugin submodules
  • Update a specific git plugin submodule


In command-line, run "cake github_plugin" and follow the prompts


  • Installing from plugin archive cache where possible
  • Moving cache files to their own folder
  • Configuring the github user with which the plugin interacts with
  • Install plugin from a specified archive
  • Install plugin from a search
  • Browse available plugins
  • Updating plugins installed via archive
  • Updating plugin from an archive install to a git submodule install
  • Removing plugin installed as submodule
  • Remove plugin installed as zip archive
  • Copy plugin from another project
  • Archive an installed plugin
  • Upload an installed plugin to some server
  • Interface with the thoughtglade plugin server
  • Provide the ability to archive all plugins at will
  • Retain metadata for each plugin in it's installation folder
  • SVN Functionality