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DEPRECATED: You can use some of its codes though

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Marcy Avenue. Blog it.


This is all very beta, and I will tag releases for everyone to download and take a look at.


  • Apache or similar server with PHP enabled
  • MySQL or CakePHP supported database
  • Internet
  • Patience (this is a work in progress!)


To install, you can do any of the following:

  • Clone from github : in your plugin directory type git clone git:// marcyavenue
  • Download an archive from github and extract it
  • Cry

  • Setup the database.php

  • Run the schema console, or take a look at the dump (app/config/sql/dump.sql)


If installed at localhost:

Cry hard if it doesn't work. Ping me at and I'll try and fix it



In late March, I attempted to start a community project at my school. It was to be a simple micro-blogging application. It's safe to say that this was an epic failure.

I've had an interest in doing such a project for a while now, and began in earnest in late June. Unfortunately, a senseless "rm -rf" command completely wiped the app's folder out before I could push to the remote repository. Never again.

Since then, I've been floating from project to project, not really being able to concentrate. My latest major project finished on July 27th, 2009. This was the project that has made me drop all other stuff in a rush to get this done. My grades, social life, and even personal relationships have all suffered significantly because of it. Needless to say, I'm very happy it's over.

The following day I got a quick text from a client about a blogging application. Something simple, they asked. I came up with a shortlist of specifications, and now here I am building it a day later.

Jose Diaz-Gonzalez on July 29, 2009

You'll notice that much of the application is based upon other people's work. I believe wholeheartedly in copy-paste (if you didn't grep that much), and why should I reinvent a perfectly round wheel? Feel free to mock me all you want :)

The CMS is littered with Cake Tips from around the community. Wherever I grabbed someone's code, I attempted to do some attribution. If you see anything that is familiar to you and I have not attributed it, then I either forgot to do so or it's trivial enough that no one will care. Open a ticket on the tracker and we'll squash it.

I'd like to say this is MIT Licensed, but you'll have to read everyone else's licenses for that :P

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