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A tool to hunt for credentials in the GitHub wild AKA git*hunt

Getting started

  1. Install the tool
  2. Configure your GitHub token
  3. Search for credentials
  4. See results cat results.json | jq

📺 Demo


  • requirements: virtualenv, python3
  1. git clone && cd git-wild-hunt clone project and cd into the project dir
  2. pip install virtualenv && virtualenv -p python3 venv && source venv/bin/activate && pip install -r requirements.txt create virtualenv and install requirements

Continue to configuring a GitHub API key

Configuration git-wild-hunt.conf

Make sure you set a GitHub token if you need to create one for your account follow these instructions.

github_token = ''
# GitHub token for searching

output = results.json
# stores matches in JSON here

log_path = git-wild-hunt.log
# Sets the log_path for the logging file

log_level = INFO
# Sets the log level for the logging
# Possible values: INFO, ERROR

regexes = regexes.json
# regexes to check the git wild hunt search against

GitHub search examples

the -s flag accepts any GitHub advance search query, see some examples below

Find GCP JWT token files

python -s "extension:json filename:creds language:JSON"

Find AWS API secrets

python -s " filename:credentials"

Find Azure JWT Token

python -s "extension:json filename:accessTokens language:JSON"

Find GSUtils configs

python -s "path:.gsutil filename:credstore2"

Find Kubernetes config files

python -s "path:.kube filename:config"

Searching for Jenkins credentials.xml file

python -s "extension:xml filename:credentials.xml language:XML"

Find secrets in .circleci

python -s "extension:yml path:.circleci filename:config language:YAML"

Generic credentials.yml search

python -s "extension:yml filename:credentials.yml language:YAML"


usage: [-h] -s SEARCH [-c CONFIG] [-v]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s SEARCH, --search SEARCH
                        search to execute
  -c CONFIG, --config CONFIG
                        config file path
  -v, --version         shows current git-wild-hunt version

What checks get run regexes.json

This file contains all the regexes that will be used to check against the raw content filed returned for a search. Feel free to add/modify and include any specific ones that match the credential you are trying to find. This was graciously borrowed from truffleHog

Currently verified credentials via regex:

  • AWS API Key
  • Amazon AWS Access Key ID
  • Amazon MWS Auth Token
  • Facebook Access Token
  • Facebook OAuth
  • Generic API Key
  • Generic Secret
  • GitHub
  • Google (GCP) Service-account
  • Google API Key
  • Google Cloud Platform API Key
  • Google Cloud Platform OAuth
  • Google Drive API Key
  • Google Drive OAuth
  • Google Gmail API Key
  • Google Gmail OAuth
  • Google OAuth Access Token
  • Google YouTube API Key
  • Google YouTube OAuth
  • Heroku API Key
  • MailChimp API Key
  • Mailgun API Key
  • PGP private key block
  • Password in URL
  • PayPal Braintree Access Token
  • Picatic API Key
  • RSA private key
  • SSH (DSA) private key
  • SSH (EC) private key
  • Slack Token
  • Slack Webhook
  • Square Access Token
  • Square OAuth Secret
  • Stripe API Key
  • Stripe Restricted API Key
  • Twilio API Key
  • Twitter Access Token
  • Twitter OAuth



Credits & References

Inspiration to write this tool came from the shhgit project


  • better error handling


A tool to hunt for credentials in github wild AKA git*hunt







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