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localized_routes is a plugin for Ruby on Rails 3 that makes translating URLs dead simple.

Just install the plugin and add some route translations. Then you're ready to go:

  • URLs have the form /{locale}/…, such as /en/…, /es/…

  • Locale is obtained from the URL as a filter before processing controllers.

  • When building URLs, the current locale is automatically added, so the usage is transparent.

For example, let an app have the following routes:


After installing the plugin, the routes can be translated in your locale files like this:

    events: eventos
    comments: comentarios

Then, the following routes will be available:

/ (will show home page with default locale)

Helper methods such as events_path or event_comments_path still exist, along with events_es_path, event_comments_es_path, events_en_path, and event_comments_en_path. Therefore, the usage is totally transparent.

Routes can be marked as non-i18n-able. E.g.:

match '/captcha/:id', :to => 'captcha#show', :as => :captcha, :i18n=>false

This will prevent creating different routes with the available locales.

Works with Rails 3. Inspired in i18n_routing and translate_routes plugins.

Copyright © 2010 José Ignacio Fernández (joseignacio.fernandez <at> Released under the MIT license.