Faceted Browsing over Wikidata triples
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Faceted Browsing over Wikidata triples

Use the system

The system is currently running on: http://grafa.dcc.uchile.cl


Required libraries:

  • Lucene 6.5
  • Tomcat 7
  • RDF4J 2.2

Config file

The file facet.properties contains the following options:

  • languages: list of supported languages (using the same language tag from the dataset)
  • entityIRI: prefix for entities
  • propertyIRI: prefix for properties
  • labelIRI: predicate of the triple containing the label
  • descriptionIRI: predicate of the triple containing the description
  • alt_labelIRI: predicate of the triples containing alt labels or aliases
  • instanceOf: IRI (with no prefix) of the type or instance of predicate
  • image: IRI (with no prefix) of the image predicate
  • entityPrefix: prefix of all entities (excluding the domain prefix)


The included build.xml generates several jar files. These are the most important:

  • index.jar: Creates an index from all entities based on an NT file
  • rank.jar: Computes the graph and the Page Rank value of each entity
  • boosts.jar: Copies the index from index.jar but adding the ranks from rank.jar
  • cache.jar: Generates a list of all queries with a large results set that need caching.
  • instances.jar: Creates an index of all instances/types of the main index and also caches the results from the list of cache.jar
  • values.jar: Creates the cache for values for every property of every query that needs caching. This process may take a couple of days.
  • grafa.war: Tomcat Webapp's war file. The config file need the directory of the indexes.
  • The other jar files are for debugging and generate statistics (there may also be unused classes)