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forked from raxbg/phpwebsockets

WebSocket server for the PHP language

Updated Jun 12, 2014


forked from FriendsOfSymfony/FOSUserBundle

Provides user management for your Symfony2 Project. Compatible with Doctrine ORM & ODM, and Propel.

Updated May 18, 2014


forked from symfony/symfony

The Symfony PHP framework

Updated May 18, 2014


forked from gajus/moa

MOA implements dynamically generated Active Record database abstraction.

Updated May 7, 2014


forked from paypal/PayPal-PHP-SDK

Php SDK for PayPal RESTful APIs

Updated Apr 23, 2014


forked from openid/php-openid

OpenID library for PHP5

Updated Feb 13, 2014


forked from PUGX/badge-poser

The PHP badges, renders some badges for your readme with the packagist information.

Updated Jan 22, 2014

JavaScript 0 44


forked from yunanhelmy/TinyEditor

JavaScript WYSIWYG Editor

Updated Jan 17, 2014


forked from VinceG/Bootstrap-Admin-Theme

A generic admin theme built with Bootstrap free for both personal and commercial use.

Updated Jan 5, 2014


forked from syncany/syncany

Syncany is an open-source cloud storage and filesharing application. It allows users to backup and share certain folders of their workstations using any kind of storage

Updated Dec 20, 2013

JavaScript 0 14


forked from raulriera/Instagram-For-iPad

Instagram client for iPad. Built using Titanium Alloy from Appcelerator

Updated Oct 27, 2013


forked from callistino/Zimbra

A set of PHP classes to communicate with the Zimbra ZCS API

Updated Sep 25, 2013


forked from raulfraile/LadybugBundle

Symfony2 bundle for Ladybug library, the Simple and Extensible PHP Dumper

Updated Jul 17, 2013

JavaScript 0 48


forked from raulfraile/ladybug

Simple and Extensible PHP Dumper

Updated Jul 16, 2013


forked from KnpLabs/PiwikClient

Simple Piwik API client, written in PHP 5.3

Updated May 14, 2013


forked from KnpLabs/KnpPiwikBundle

Piwik API client bundle for Symfony2 -- THIS PROJECT IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED by KnpLabs -- Contact us if you want to be the official maintainer of this Bundle.

Updated May 14, 2013


forked from reactphp/socket

[READ-ONLY] Subtree split of the react socket component.

Updated May 10, 2013

JavaScript 0 3,443


forked from mozilla/pdf.js

PDF Reader in JavaScript

Updated May 8, 2013

JavaScript 0 56


forked from raulriera/XHR

Super awesome HTTP Client for Appcelerator Titanium :)

Updated Mar 15, 2013

JavaScript 0 94


forked from DavidDurman/FlexiJsonEditor

JSON editor jQuery plugin

Updated Mar 7, 2013

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