Big O Reference of common algorithms and data structures
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Big O Reference:

Big O Reference is a static site that summarizes the complexities of common algorithms and data structures.


If you know this project you probably know BigOCheatSheet too. The problem is it doesn't include the whole source for the site and many contributions can't be done (like adding CSS for printing). Besides that, it hasn't been very active in the last year despite the fact that has 31 open PRs.

Of course all my content here come from that site or Wikipedia. Sometimes these complexities are open to debate because depend on how the algorithm is implemented.


  • 100% Open source
  • Friendly printable version
  • No ads
  • Added improvements from PRs in BigOCheatSheet

In the future

  • Resources section

## Contributions If you want to contribute please create an issue or a PR and I'll try to reply soon. The project is just static HTML/CSS/JS so everyone can just download the files and start modifying them.


All credits should go to Eric Drowell for BigOCheatSheet and all the contributors that helped him.

This is just an attempt to keep that project alive and hopefully improve it.

I have used:

##License MIT License