php-build plugin for download, compile and install the PDO_INFORMIX PECL extension.
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#PDO_INFORMIX plugin for php-build#

This is a plugin for php-build that download and compiles the PECL PDO_INFORMIX extension.

Build Status


You can download the code cloning the repository with git or downloading it as a tarball.

  • Cloning with git
    $ git clone
  • Downloading the source as a tarball
    $ wget --no-check-certificate -O php-build-plugin-pdo-informix.tar.gz
    $ tar -zxf php-build-plugin-pdo-informix.tar.gz

In both cases you will end with a directory, php-build-plugin-pdo-informix in the first case and php-build-plugin-pdo-informix-master in the second, which contains the plugin script


To install the plugin you can copy or link the plugin to the plugins directory of php-build, in the default installation it is /usr/local/share/php-build/plugins.d .

First, move to the source directory cd php-build-plugin-pdo-informix or cd php-build-plugin-pdo-informix-master, then

    $ cp ./ /usr/local/share/php-build/plugins.d

or, if you prefer link the plugin

    $ ln -s `pwd`/ /usr/local/share/php-build/plugins.d/

if your php-plugin directory does not match the default installation you must change the path accordingly.

Note that, depending on your installation, you may need superuser permissions to execute the command.

##Commands defined by the plugin##

The plugin defines two commands:


Installs a specific version of the extension:

    install_pdo_informix 1.3.1


Installs a development version of the extension, it clones the git repository of PDO_INFORMIX and compiles the master branch. Optionally you can use a specific commit to compile as first param:

    install_pdo_informix_master a88390f

##How to use##

First of all read the php-build documentation to understand how the plugin system works, then append the command what you want to use to the definitions what you will build, for example, assuming you have the default installation:

    $ sed -i '$a install_pdo_informix 1.3.1' /usr/local/share/php-build/plugins.d/definitions/5.5.18

this will add the line "install_pdo_informix 1.3.1" to the end of the definition file.

Be careful, executing the previous command more than once will end with the command appended multiple times.

Note that, depending on your installation, you may need superuser permissions to execute the command.


For build the extension you need to have installed the Informix Client SDK and the INFORMIXDIR variable must be exported with the path to the directory where it is installed (generally /opt/informix).

See .


The plugin is a modified copy of the plugin, so all the credit is for the php-build guys.