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An Mleap Container for OpenWhisk
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An Apache OpenWhisk Docker Action written in Scala. It serves a Spark MLlib Model, packaged as an Mleap bundle.


  • Apache OpenWhisk
  • Java 1.8+
  • scala 2.11.6+ and sbt 0.13+
  • Docker / Docker Hub Account

Run The Example

This repository contains a simple example serving up a model that predicts the price of an Airbnb.

docker run -d -p 8080:8080 jowanza/scalatest:latest

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"value":{"data":["NY", 6.0, 1250.0, 3.0, 50.0,30.0, 2.0, 56.0, 90.0, "Entire home/apt", "1.0", "strict", "1.0"]}}' localhost:8080/run

To deploy this to IBM Cloud please follow the directions here

Write Your Own Example

To create your own Scala action there are a few steps.

  1. Create a main object in src->main->scala

  2. Import dependencies via SBT

  3. Copy code from the main object implementation into an esec function located in whisk-action

  4. Build your code with SBT sbt assembly

  5. Build and push

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