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  • avconv-utils - node module to leverage some common avconv tasks repos

  • video-360 player for fb cubemap videos and yt equilat videos repos demo

  • video-hash experiment of computing pHash out of video frames extracted in-browser. search against given frame repos

  • dwarf-media-server video server. extracts several data as plugins (thumbnails, metadata, audio repr) repos


  • tenbyten my take of the 1010! game. same core logic on server and client. client can't cheat as session is kept on server and every move validated. UI in SVG repos demo

  • focuspoint wrote my favourite Pandora's Box puzzle, Focus Point, in JS/canvas/DOM repos demo



  • playalong learn to play the drums with rock song (midi extraction, simultaneous playback, viz) repos demo

  • musicnot alternate way of representing piano scores. repos demo

  • karaoke renders karaoke lyrics in sync w/ audio repos demo

Distributed Systems

  • divconq expose a task as a mapper and reducer. engine distributes and crunches responses computed in browsers repos

  • massive-tiles distribute 2D map P2P using gundb (WIP) repos demo


  • follow_your_idol follow twitter user streams - twitter API w/ go/anaconda and postgres w/JSON for storage/search repos


  • inkdoc documentation generator out of docstrings repos demo-md

  • code-submit my take on the codility thingie (exposes problem, allow to test cases, run at server) repos

  • aframe-extrude-and-lathe aframevr extrude and lathe features repos demo

  • matrix-9-by-9 custom web component just using polymer's polyfill repos demo

  • dagre-canvas dagre graph layout engine renderer for canvas repos demo