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beanstalk client for Chicken Scheme
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hen — a beanstalk client

beanstalk is a protocol for interfacing with beanstalkd, a “simple, fast work queue.”

hen is a simple client for workers and producers



(with-hen (tcp-connect "localhost" 11300)
  (while #t         
    (hen-ignore "default")
    (hen-watch "my-tube")
    (let ([job (hen-reserve)]) ; blocks, optional timeout parameter
      (my-process-job job)
      (hen-delete ((compose cdr assoc) 'id job)))))


(with-hen (tcp-connect "localhost" 11300)
  (hen-use "my-tube")
  (hen-put "hello worker!"))


The following are supported beanstalk commands:

(hen-put [PRI 2^31 [DELAY 0 [TTR 36000]]] data)
(hen-reserve [TIMEOUT #f])
(hen-use TUBE)
(hen-delete ID)
(hen-release ID [PRI 2^31 [DELAY 0]])
(hen-bury ID [PRI 2^31])
(hen-touch ID)
(hen-watch TUBE)
(hen-ignore TUBE)
(hen-peek ID)
(hen-kick bound)
(hen-stats-job ID)
(hen-stats-tube TUBE)
(hen-pause-tube TUBE DELAY)

Most of the commands will return a simple string status. Exceptions are the stats commands, which return an alist, and the reserve command, which returns a pair (job-id . data) if a job is reserved.

All hen commands also accept keyword arguments #:tcp-in and #:tcp-out to override hen-in and hen-out, which are the default ports, initially unspecified.


  • The structure of return values is subject to change.
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