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Stumpwm helpers etc.


The basic commands are as follows:

  • wicd-connect — provides a menu to select the desired network
  • wicd-disconnect — disconnect from whatever is currently active
  • wicd-scan-and-connect — performs wireless scan first, then supplies menu prompt

master branch

There is a status report that displays after attempting a new connection. It is only provided for sbcl and ccl currently. It is disabled by default because it will block during the connection procedure. To enable it:

(setf *wicd-connection-display-status* t)

dbus branch

NOTE: There is currently a critical bug on my system when using lucashpandolfo/dbus. It involves a race condition that inevitably hangs the stumpwm thread after some time when using the mode line status display. I made a fork and so far the bug has not reoccurred, but more testing is needed.

This is where most of my effort is focused and is the way forward. The issue now is one of dependencies and installation. The canonical dbus provided with quicklisp currently does not work with this branch due to it not providing an auth method suitable for the system bus. To use the dbus branch you must first install this fork: joseph-gay/dbus.

See quicklisp local projects for one method of installing the fork.

Once that’s done, the commands are the same as listed above, with one notable addition: add %Y to your mode-line format to enable a status display.