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joseph commented Oct 14, 2011

Native transitions where available. Fewer hiccups in scroller/slider anims.

added some commits Oct 5, 2011
@joseph Introducing a small column gap, and smoother Scroller animation. 6e39dd4
@joseph Simpler slider animation logic with native transitions where available. 3adef9c
@joseph Gap in pixels (fixes iOS gap randomness). 38f887c
@joseph Slider: defer callback even after 0-duration setX. 78a9b30
@joseph Property-specific transition in slider fixes the weird flicker. 745f50e
@joseph Removing superfluous defers from slider. 412faf5
@joseph Removing more superfluous defers and speeding successive turns.
There's no point stacking the various style changes successively -- all
of them will be applied on the next defer. So, just ensure there is a
single defer before announcing the page change.

Also, we can make the slide faster if there's been another slide very
recently -- the user is obviously paging through the book quickly; let's
not get in their way.
@joseph Removing superfluous defers from slider. 15823a8
@joseph Less ugly and less obtrusive Slider wait control.
I've always hated it. Now should only appear if the next page is
actually taking a while to set (because it has a slight transition on
the opacity, so near-zero setPage times shouldn't ever let the opacity
reach 1). Need to test this on slower devices.
@joseph Tidying a few Reader constants.
AbortMessage now supplanted by monocle:incompatible.
@joseph Large-screen-friendlier Slider wait control. 71ec07d
@joseph Workaround for iPad's sticky slideOut.
Not much return for four hours work.
@joseph Only use column-gap if not forceColumns. Test for floatIgnoresColumns. 7a77d2d
@joseph Restoring a couple of defers that seem to be essential for iOS. 539e68d
@joseph floatsIgnoreColumns hack was breaking default CSS - fixed now. b62ab96
@joseph joseph merged commit d905119 into master Oct 17, 2011
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