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A very simple reference reader for Zhook ebooks.
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A very simple reference reader for Zhook ebooks.

Invented by Inventive Labs. Released under the MIT license.

More info:

What is this?

It's a reference implementation of a Reading System that is compliant with the Zhook ebook specification.

For more information about the genesis of that ebook specification, read our weblog entry.


  • Ruby
  • Rubygems:
    • Rack 1.0 or 1.1
    • Sinatra 1.0
    • Nokogiri

How to run

From the chook directory, invoke the rackup command provided by Rack:

$ rackup

Alternatively, start it up the sinatra way:

$ ruby chook.rb

How to use

Go to /publish to upload a Zhook file. This will convert it to an Ochook URL (ie, an unzipped Zhook file with an offline cache manifest -- see the Zhook specification).

Ochooks are stored in /public/books. If you want to return to an Ochook later, you can construct its native URL as: /books/[id]. And its reader URL will be: /read/[id].

Zhook-required documentation for chook

The Zhook specification asserts that certain aspects of the Reading System should be documented. This is that documentation.

RS HTML element ID

  • RS:org.ochook.reader

Recognised metadata names

Pretty much the Dublin Core set:

  • title
  • identifier
  • isbn
  • language
  • creator
  • subject
  • description
  • publisher
  • contributor
  • date
  • source
  • relation
  • coverage
  • rights

CSS supported

As a browser-based reader, the chook reader supports whatever CSS properties are implemented in the browser used to access it. No CSS properties are stripped by the reader.

DOM modifications



None (yet!).


A Table of Contents display is planned for the chook reader, but nothing is yet implemented.


Script tags and event handler attributes in the ebook are unharmed: they're permitted and executed as usual.

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