Java Implementation of Conway's Game of Life
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Conway's Game of Life is an application which demonstrates how a small set of rules can enable and produce complex and unpredictable emergent behavior. It is in a classification of applications known as 'cellular automata.' It is a grid of cells which are either alive, or dead, and which will either be born, or die, based on specific criterion.

The simulation rules:

  • If a cell is surrounded by only one live cell, it dies, as if by starvation.
  • If a cell is surrounded by two or three cells, and is alive, it remains alive.
  • If a cell is surrounded by more than three cells, it dies, as if by over-crowding.
  • If a cell is surrounded by exactly three cells, it comes to life, as if by reproduction.


This is a simple scene from my application. The application can be configured to use any grid size. It automatically redraws when re-sized. It can be paused, cleared, and restarted.