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A project to emulate simple hardware logic circuit components in software.

Currently emulated:
	andgate (any-to-1)
	orgate (any-to-1)
	notgate (any-to-any)
	decoder (any-to-n^(any))
	encoder (any-to-log2(any))
	muxer (any-to-1, w/ appropriately sized control channel)

How can I get it?
	First, ensure that 'git' is installed on your system and then run the command: 'git clone https://github.com/josephbleau/Emulated-Circuit-Devices.git'

What are the requirements to build it?
	Only the standard C++ Libraries are used.

How do I build it?
	If you want to build the decoder stand-alone, make sure your working directory is the 'src' directory' and run 'g++ decoder.cpp emucirc.cpp -o decoder'
	If you want to build all of the stand-alone devices at once, including the unit tests, I've provided a build_examples.sh script. You can run it by entering './build_examples' The resulting files can be found in the resulting 'bin' folder.
How do I use the standalones?
	If you've successfully built one of the stand-alones you can then run it from command-line.

	Example usage:
		./decoder 10
		Output: 0100

		./muxer 010 01
		Output: 1

		./encdoder blahblhf 12 312 hahayousuck
		Output: Usage: encoder BITS

How do I use it in my code?
	The only two files you need from the 'src' directory are 'emucirc.h' and 'emucirc.cpp'. Move these into your project.
	std::vector<bool> is the transport type, with the leftmost binary values being inserted first and the rightmost last. Every component will return a std::vector<bool> even if the bits being returned are none (it will just be an empty container.) 

	Example usage:

		std::vector<bool> input(2,0);
		input[0] = 1; 
		input[1] = 0;

		std::vector<bool> output = decoder(input);

	In this example the decoder would return a vector bool which represented the value '0100.'

Other notes for programmers:
	There is an incredibly hilariously nasty function used for creating one-line stand-alone applications seen in 'decoder.cpp' and others. Feel free to use this at your own discretion. It's not supported, but is in there for my own convenience.