Control USB HID Relays using Node JS.
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USB Relay

Control simple USB HID Relays using Node JS like this one:

picture alt

To use:

const USBRelay = require("./USBRelay.js");
const relay = new USBRelay(); //gets the first connected relay

To use a specific relay, specify a HID path:

const relay = new USBRelay(path);

Get connected relays:

relay.Relays(); //returns an array with HID data including paths

Set relay state:

relay.setState(1, true); // turns Relay 1 of the device on
relay.setState(1, false); // turns Relay 1 of the device off

Relay numbers are NOT zero-based, so if you want to refer to Relay #1, use 1.

To turn all relays off:

relay.setState(0, false); // relay number 0 references all relays of the device

To turn a relay on, wait 1 second, and then turn off:

relay.setState(1, true);

setTimeout(function () {
    relay.setState(1, false);
}, 1000);