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0Doc is a simple documentation writing tool.

Live version: 0Doc.

This is an example of use for C.H.I.P.'s documentation, forked from


Just open index.html and that's it!

To edit your own documentation, write it in Markdown syntax inside the <div id="content"> ... </div>. The table of contents will be automatically generated on the fly. No other tool needed.

You can also:

  • Modify <title>...</title> with your own title

  • Use your own logo.png file

Why another static documentation generator ?

I discovered the great Slate project, but it requires to install Ruby, bundler, and it's just another layer on top of middleman static website generator, which does most of the work. As I'm not a user of all these tools, I didn't find it confortable for me.

Moreover I don't like having to run a command to re-render HTML files each time you modify the documentation (that's often the case with static websites generators).

That's why I decided to write this simple solution that doesn't require any tool like Ruby, Python, Perl, etc. The output is rendered on the fly when you open index.html.

In short, this means that you just have to edit your index.html, and not worry about anything else.

External files

It's possible to include external files with:

<div id="content">
    <file src=""></file>

More about this feature here.


Author: Joseph Ernest (@JosephErnest)

Other projects: BigPicture, bigpicture.js, AReallyBigPage, SamplerBox, Void, TalkTalkTalk, YellowNoiseAudio, etc.


MIT license


0Doc uses jQuery, marked for Markdown rendering and mark.js for on-page search.


Documentation made simple.



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