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TinyAnalytics is a lightweight web analytics tool based on the idea that:

  • The two most useful things are: number of unique visitors per day (with a nice chart) and list of referers who send some traffic to your websites,

  • It should give the idea of the traffic, even for multiple websites, on a single dashboard (without having to click in lots of menu items to change the currently displayed website, etc.),

  • It should be fast and lightweight.

If you're looking for more informations than those (such as country, browser, screen resolution, time spent on a page, etc.), then TinyAnalytics is not the right tool for you. Please try Google Analytics, Open Web Analytics or Piwik instead. I personally found the two last ones not very handy for me.

After years, I've noticed that I prefer to have few (important) informations that I can consult each day in 30 seconds, rather than lots of informations for which I would need 15 or 30 minutes per day for an in-depth analysis.


There are three easy steps:

  1. Unzip this package in a directory, e.g. /var/www/TinyAnalytics/.

  2. Add the following tracking code to your websites at then end of .php files, e.g. /var/www/mywebsite/index.php:

    include '/var/www/TinyAnalytics/tracker.php';
  3. Modify your password in the first lines of index.php. Default password is abcdef.

It's done! Visit at least one of your tracked websites, and open TinyAnalytics/index.php in your browser!


Author: Joseph Ernest (@JosephErnest)

Other projects: BigPicture, bigpicture.js, AReallyBigPage, SamplerBox, Void, TalkTalkTalk, YellowNoiseAudio, bloggggg, etc.

Thanks to WhiteHat for his help on the chart visualization design.

Other versions

Here is PHP-only version contributed by @benyafai.


MIT license


TinyAnalytics is a lightweight analytics tool (unique visitors count, etc.)



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