📈 A simple Instagram analytics tool that continuously logs and graphs your follower count.
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IG Follow Count License

A simple Instagram analytics tool that continuously logs and graphs your follower count.



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SSH into server, cd to the public root and clone project.

git clone https://github.com/josephfusco/ig-follow-count .

Copy config-sample.php to config.php in the project root and fill in the values.

cp config-sample.php config.php && nano config.php

Replace the text within the brackets along with the brackets with the proper values. To learn more about how to attain these values visit https://www.instagram.com/developer/authentication/.

/** Instagram user ID */
define( 'IG_USER_ID', '{your user id here}' );

/** Instagram access token */
define( 'IG_ACCESS_TOKEN', '{your access token here}' );

After saving the newly made config.php, we just need to set the cron job.

crontab -e

In this example we are running cron.php every minute which is located in the project root. Add the following to the file and save. (replace '{yourwebsite.com}' with your domain)

*/1 * * * * wget -O /dev/null http://{yourwebsite.com}/cron.php

Upon saving the file it should confirm with the following message: crontab: installing new crontab.

Sample data will keep being displayed until cron.php is first ran. Once ran it will initially create the log.csv file and the sample data will stop loading.

CSV Format


* Grams represents the number of photos on your account at the time

To Do

  • Create simple theme template system.
  • Add pre-loader.
  • Create install script for easier setup.
  • Possibly break up log files into months or weeks for shorter graph load times.
  • Live update graph.


Joseph Fusco & James Pistell