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fix Body.getVelAtPoint etc and (hopefully) Body.eachConstraint #9

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BTW, I don't have any code to test .eachConstraint... in the C version I see func(body, constraint, data); but in your port it's func(constraint); -- should that be ? Gahhh, OO strikes again...


Nope, just func(constraint). The rest of the information will be available in the closure of func, because JavaScript is awesome and has closures.

@nornagon nornagon merged commit d0a855b into josephg:master

PS thanks!

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  1. +4 −4 lib/cpBody.js
8 lib/cpBody.js
@@ -292,19 +292,19 @@ Body.prototype.applyImpulse = function(j, r)
Body.prototype.getVelAtPoint = function(r)
- return vadd(new Vect(this.vx, this.vy), vmult(vperp(r), body.w));
+ return vadd(new Vect(this.vx, this.vy), vmult(vperp(r), this.w));
/// Get the velocity on a body (in world units) at a point on the body in world coordinates.
Body.prototype.getVelAtWorldPoint = function(point)
- return this.getVelAtPoint(vsub(point, body.p));
+ return this.getVelAtPoint(vsub(point, this.p));
/// Get the velocity on a body (in world units) at a point on the body in local coordinates.
Body.prototype.getVelAtLocalPoint = function(point)
- return this.getVelAtPoint(vrotate(point, body.rot));
+ return this.getVelAtPoint(vrotate(point, this.rot));
Body.prototype.eachShape = function(func)
@@ -318,7 +318,7 @@ Body.prototype.eachConstraint = function(func)
var constraint = this.constraintList;
while(constraint) {
- var next =;
+ var next =;
constraint = next;
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