A simple couchapp site for exploring census data. Way incomplete.
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This is a simple little couchapp to let people view census data in a standardish format. Its not finished.

The site is live here: http://sharejs.org:5984/census-mini/_design/app/index.html#/region/0

It was done over a couple hackfests, so the code is a bit nasty.

Visit #/region/REGIONID to see graphs for a given region.

Deploy with:

couchapp push app.coffee http://localhost:5984/mydb

You need to get a copy of the census database on your machine to be able to use this. Replicate from here:


Documents are in the database in the following format:

  • CAT5 see details for category 5
  • 06_2 details for region 2. (Region 0 is Australia, region POA2048 is Stanmore, Sydney, etc)
  • 06_POA2009_0_1|2 divides people enumeration 0 (All people in the region) by categories 1 and 6 (sex and age)

The web frontend is really not finished yet - but there's a fair bit of data there.