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Partial IDA Pro Keybindings.csv
Partial IDA Pro Keybindings.csv.kbxml
Partial IDA Pro Keybindings.xlsx

Partial IDA Pro KeyBindings for Ghidra

I've been using Ghidra alongside IDA Pro and remembering different keybindings for each was tiresome so I updated 20 of my most commonly used keys in IDA Pro to be the same in Ghidra, with some suggestions from others.

Table included below for browsing.


In Ghidra's CodeBrowser, go to the menu Edit->Tool Options, then click KeyBindings on the left. On the bottom right, click the button Import and select the file ending in .kbxml in the repository. There's a button to restore defaults at any time too.

Other Available Ghidra KeyBindings

Custom KeyBindings

!= Action Name Default KeyBinding Custom KeyBinding Plugin Name
View Program Differences 2 2 ProgramDiffPlugin
📕 Define string A Tool
Expand All Alt-DOWN Alt-DOWN DataTypeManagerPlugin
Add To Program Alt-I Alt-I ImporterPlugin
📕 Add Bookmark Meta-D Alt-M BookmarkPlugin
Create Default Reference Alt-R Alt-R ReferencesPlugin
Next in History Buffer Alt-RIGHT Alt-RIGHT NextPrevAddressPlugin
Collapse All Alt-UP Alt-UP DataTypeManagerPlugin
Clear Function Return Type C C FunctionPlugin
Clear Parameter Data Type C C FunctionPlugin
Clear Variable Data Type C C FunctionPlugin
📕 Disassemble D C DisassemblerPlugin
📕 Edit Stack Frame Ctrl-K StackEditorManagerPlugin
📕 Cycle: byte,word,dword,qword B D Tool
Delete DELETE DELETE DataTypePreviewPlugin
Delete DELETE DELETE DataTypeManagerPlugin
Delete Archive DELETE DELETE DataTypeManagerPlugin
Delete Bookmarks DELETE DELETE BookmarkPlugin
Delete Comments DELETE DELETE CommentsPlugin
Delete folder/fragment DELETE DELETE ProgramTreePlugin
Delete Function DELETE DELETE FunctionPlugin
Delete Function Variable DELETE DELETE FunctionPlugin
Delete References From DELETE DELETE ReferencesPlugin
Delete Register Value Range DELETE DELETE RegisterPlugin
Delete Symbols DELETE DELETE SymbolTablePlugin
Delete Symbols DELETE DELETE SymbolTreePlugin
Remove Equate DELETE DELETE EquatePlugin
Remove Items DELETE DELETE Tool
Remove Label DELETE DELETE LabelMgrPlugin
Remove Stack Depth Change DELETE DELETE FunctionPlugin
Rename Equate E E EquatePlugin
Set Equate E E EquatePlugin
📕 Previous in History Buffer Alt-LEFT ESCAPE NextPrevAddressPlugin
Create External Function F F FunctionPlugin
Create Function F F FunctionPlugin
Cycle: float,double F F Tool
Edit Function F F FunctionPlugin
Disassemble Arm F11 F11 DisassemblerPlugin
Disassemble MIPS F11 F11 DisassemblerPlugin
Disassemble PPC F11 F11 DisassemblerPlugin
Disassemble MIPS16/Micromips F12 F12 DisassemblerPlugin
Disassemble PPC-VLE F12 F12 DisassemblerPlugin
Disassemble Thumb F12 F12 DisassemblerPlugin
Repeat Memory Search F3 F3 MemSearchPlugin
Source Code Lookup F3 F3 SourceCodeLookupPlugin
📕 Display Decompiler Meta-E F5 DecompilePlugin
Go To Address/Label G G GoToAddressLabelPlugin
Show All History H H LabelMgrPlugin
Show Label History H H LabelMgrPlugin
Import File I I ImporterPlugin
Edit External Location L L LabelMgrPlugin
Add Default Memory Reference M M ReferencesPlugin
Set Default Register Reference M M ReferencesPlugin
Set Default Stack Reference M M ReferencesPlugin
Next Highlighted Range Meta-0 Meta-0 NextPrevHighlightRangePlugin
Previous Highlighted Range Meta-9 Meta-9 NextPrevHighlightRangePlugin
Select All Meta-A Meta-A CodeBrowserPlugin
Select All Code Units Meta-A Meta-A FunctionGraphPlugin
Next Bookmark Meta-Alt-B Meta-Alt-B NextPrevCodeUnitPlugin
Open/Close Program View Meta-Alt-C Meta-Alt-C ProgramDiffPlugin
Next Data Meta-Alt-D Meta-Alt-D NextPrevCodeUnitPlugin
Enable/Disable Byteviewer Editing Meta-Alt-E Meta-Alt-E ByteViewerPlugin
Next Function Meta-Alt-F Meta-Alt-F NextPrevCodeUnitPlugin
Extract and Import Meta-Alt-I Meta-Alt-I ImporterPlugin
Next Instruction Meta-Alt-I Meta-Alt-I NextPrevCodeUnitPlugin
Next Label Meta-Alt-L Meta-Alt-L NextPrevCodeUnitPlugin
Set Operand Label Meta-Alt-L Meta-Alt-L LabelMgrPlugin
Next Non-Function Meta-Alt-N Meta-Alt-N NextPrevCodeUnitPlugin
Toggle Code Unit Search Direction Meta-Alt-T Meta-Alt-T NextPrevCodeUnitPlugin
Next Undefined Meta-Alt-U Meta-Alt-U NextPrevCodeUnitPlugin
Next Different Byte Value Meta-Alt-V Meta-Alt-V NextPrevCodeUnitPlugin
Previous Selected Range Meta-BRACELEFT Meta-BRACELEFT NextPrevSelectedRangePlugin
Next Selected Range Meta-BRACERIGHT Meta-BRACERIGHT NextPrevSelectedRangePlugin
Copy Meta-C Meta-C DataTypeManagerPlugin
Copy Meta-C Meta-C ClipboardPlugin
Go to next function Meta-DOWN Meta-DOWN CodeBrowserPlugin
Find Meta-F Meta-F DecompilePlugin
Find Data Types Meta-F Meta-F DataTypeManagerPlugin
Go To Last Active Program Meta-F6 Meta-F6 MultiTabPlugin
Go To Program Meta-F7 Meta-F7 MultiTabPlugin
Go To Previous Program Meta-F8 Meta-F8 MultiTabPlugin
Go To Next Program Meta-F9 Meta-F9 MultiTabPlugin
Go To start of folder/fragment in View Meta-G Meta-G ProgramTreePlugin
Set Highlight From Selection Meta-H Meta-H SetHighlightPlugin
Open File System Meta-I Meta-I FileSystemBrowserPlugin
Retype Variable Meta-L Meta-L DecompilePlugin
📕 Show Bookmarks Meta-B Meta-M BookmarkPlugin
Zoom Out Meta-MINUS Meta-MINUS FunctionGraphPlugin
Open File Meta-O Meta-O ProgramManagerPlugin
Print Meta-P Meta-P PrintingPlugin
Forward Refs Meta-PERIOD Meta-PERIOD SelectRefsPlugin
Replace View Meta-R Meta-R ProgramTreePlugin
Set Register Values Meta-R Meta-R RegisterPlugin
Save File Meta-S Meta-S ProgramManagerPlugin
📕 View Memory Map Meta-S MemoryMapPlugin
Back Refs Meta-SEMICOLON Meta-SEMICOLON SelectRefsPlugin
Search Text Meta-Shift-E Meta-Shift-E SearchTextPlugin
📕 Zoom In Meta-EQUALS Meta-Shift-EQUALS FunctionGraphPlugin
Compare Two Functions Meta-Shift-F Meta-Shift-F FunctionComparisonPlugin
Repeat Text Search Meta-Shift-F3 Meta-Shift-F3 SearchTextPlugin
Assemble Meta-Shift-G Meta-Shift-G AssemblerPlugin
Rerun Last Script Meta-Shift-R Meta-Shift-R Tool
ByteViewer Clone Meta-Shift-T Meta-Shift-T ByteViewerPlugin
Code Viewer Clone Meta-Shift-T Meta-Shift-T CodeBrowserPlugin
Decompile Clone Meta-Shift-T Meta-Shift-T DecompilePlugin
Function Graph Clone Meta-Shift-T Meta-Shift-T FunctionGraphPlugin
Redo Meta-Shift-Z Meta-Shift-Z ProgramManagerPlugin
View Symbol Table Meta-T Meta-T SymbolTablePlugin
Go to previous function Meta-UP Meta-UP CodeBrowserPlugin
Paste Meta-V Meta-V DataTypeManagerPlugin
Paste Meta-V Meta-V ClipboardPlugin
Paste Symbols Meta-V Meta-V SymbolTreePlugin
Cut Meta-X Meta-X DataTypeManagerPlugin
Cut SymbolTree Node Meta-X Meta-X SymbolTreePlugin
Remove folder/fragment from View Meta-X Meta-X ProgramTreePlugin
Undo Meta-Z Meta-Z ProgramManagerPlugin
📕 Add Label L N LabelMgrPlugin
📕 Edit Label L N LabelMgrPlugin
Rename Data Field N N DataPlugin
📕 Rename Function L N FunctionPlugin
📕 Rename Function L N DecompilePlugin
📕 Rename Function Variable L N FunctionPlugin
📕 Rename Variable L N FunctionPlugin
📕 Rename Variable L N DecompilePlugin
Export Program O O ExporterPlugin
Commit Params/Return P P DecompilePlugin
Define pointer P P Tool
Add PLUS PLUS DataTypePreviewPlugin
Cycle: char,string,unicode QUOTE QUOTE Tool
View/Edit References From R R ReferencesPlugin
Search Memory S S MemSearchPlugin
Edit Comments SEMICOLON SEMICOLON CommentsPlugin
Edit Variable Comment SEMICOLON SEMICOLON FunctionPlugin
📕 Auto Analyze A Shift-A AutoAnalysisPlugin
📕 Clear Cut ESCAPE Shift-ESCAPE DataTypeManagerPlugin
Create Structure Shift-OPEN_BRACKET Shift-OPEN_BRACKET DataPlugin
Recover Structure Variable Shift-OPEN_BRACKET Shift-OPEN_BRACKET DecompilePlugin
Toggle Expand/Collapse Data SPACE SPACE CodeBrowserPlugin
Choose Data Type T T Tool
📕 Clear Code Bytes C U ClearPlugin
Define void V V Tool
Display Register Values V V RegisterPlugin
📕 Find References To Meta-Shift-F X Tool
📕 Find References To X SymbolTreePlugin
Recently Used Y Y Tool
About Ghidra Tool
About program AboutProgramPlugin
Add Block MemoryMapPlugin
Add External Program Name ReferencesPlugin
Add Reference From ReferencesPlugin
Add Selection To Highlight SetHighlightPlugin
Add to Version Control DataTypeManagerPlugin
Aggressive Instruction Finder AutoAnalysisPlugin
Align All Data Types DataTypeManagerPlugin
Align Data Type DataTypeManagerPlugin
Analysis Bookmarks MarkerManagerPlugin
Analyze All Open AutoAnalysisPlugin
Analyze Function Stack References FunctionPlugin
Apply Enum EquatePlugin
Apply Function Data Types DataTypeManagerPlugin
ASCII Strings AutoAnalysisPlugin
Auto Set Fallthroughs FallThroughPlugin
Batch Import ImporterPlugin
Block Focus Mode FunctionGraphPlugin
Block Hover Mode FunctionGraphPlugin
Byte Viewer ByteViewerPlugin
Byte Viewer Options ByteViewerPlugin
Call Convention Identification AutoAnalysisPlugin
Call-Fixup Installer AutoAnalysisPlugin
Capture Function Data Types DataTypeManagerPlugin
Carry Checksum Values ComputeChecksumsPlugin
Changes: Unsaved MarkerManagerPlugin
CheckIn DataTypeManagerPlugin
CheckIn MyProgramChangesDisplayPlugin
CheckOut DataTypeManagerPlugin
Clear All Colors ColorizingPlugin
Clear Color ColorizingPlugin
Clear Console ConsolePlugin
Clear Current Selection FunctionGraphPlugin
Clear External Name Association ReferencesPlugin
Clear Fallthroughs FallThroughPlugin
Clear Flow and Repair ClearPlugin
Clear History Buffer NextPrevAddressPlugin
Clear Interpreter Python
Clear Pinned Symbol SymbolTablePlugin
Clear Register Values RegisterPlugin
Clear Selection CodeBrowserPlugin
Clear Translation Value TranslateStringsPlugin
Clear With Options ClearPlugin
Close All ProgramManagerPlugin
Close Archive DataTypeManagerPlugin
Close File ProgramManagerPlugin
Close Others ProgramManagerPlugin
Close Tool Tool
Close Tree View ProgramTreePlugin
Collapse All Data CodeBrowserPlugin
Collapse All folders/fragments ProgramTreePlugin
Commit Locals DecompilePlugin
Commit To Archive DataTypeManagerPlugin
Compare Selected Functions Tool
Compute Checksum ComputeChecksumsPlugin
Configure Tool Tool
Contents Tool
Convert To Char EquatePlugin
Convert To Double EquatePlugin
Convert To Float EquatePlugin
Convert To Signed Decimal EquatePlugin
Convert To Signed Hex EquatePlugin
Convert To Unsigned Binary EquatePlugin
Convert To Unsigned Decimal EquatePlugin
Convert To Unsigned Hex EquatePlugin
Convert To Unsigned Octal EquatePlugin
Copy folder/fragment ProgramTreePlugin
Copy Special ClipboardPlugin
Copy Special Again ClipboardPlugin
Create Address Tables AutoAnalysisPlugin
Create Class SymbolTreePlugin
Create Complexity Depth Tree ProgramTreeModularizationPlugin
Create Default Tree View ProgramTreePlugin
Create Dominance Tree ProgramTreeModularizationPlugin
Create External Location SymbolTreePlugin
Create Folder ProgramTreePlugin
Create Fragment ProgramTreePlugin
Create Function Definition FunctionPlugin
Create Labels From Enums DataTypeManagerPlugin
Create Library SymbolTreePlugin
Create Multiple Functions FunctionPlugin
Create Namespace SymbolTreePlugin
Create Offset References OffsetTablePlugin
Create Pointer DataTypeManagerPlugin
Create Table From Selection CodeBrowserPlugin
Create Thunk Function FunctionPlugin
Create Typedef DataTypeManagerPlugin
Create Typedef From Dialog DataTypeManagerPlugin
Cursor MarkerManagerPlugin
Cut folder/fragment ProgramTreePlugin
Data QualifiedSelectionPlugin
Data References From SymbolTablePlugin
Data Settings DataPlugin
Data Type Conflict Resolution Mode DataTypeManagerPlugin
Data Type Manager DataTypeManagerPlugin
Debug Function Decompilation DecompilePlugin
Decompiler Parameter ID AutoAnalysisPlugin
Decompiler Switch Analysis AutoAnalysisPlugin
DecompilerProperties DecompilePlugin
Default Data Settings DataPlugin
Define byte Tool
Define char Tool
Define double Tool
Define dword Tool
Define float Tool
Define int Tool
Define long Tool
Define longdouble Tool
Define qword Tool
Define TerminatedCString Tool
Define TerminatedUnicode Tool
Define uint Tool
Define ulong Tool
Define undefined Tool
Define word Tool
Delete GhidraScriptMgrPlugin
Delete Block MemoryMapPlugin
Delete Equate EquateTablePlugin
Delete External Program Name ReferencesPlugin
Delete Register Value Ranges Register Manager
Delete Tree View ProgramTreePlugin
Disassemble Restricted DisassemblerPlugin
Disassemble Static DisassemblerPlugin
Disassociate From Archive DataTypeManagerPlugin
Display Function Call Graph FunctionCallGraphPlugin
Display Function Graph FunctionGraphPlugin
Display Popup Windows FunctionGraphPlugin
Display Satellite View FunctionCallGraphPlugin
Display Satellite View FunctionGraphPlugin
Display Script Manager GhidraScriptMgrPlugin
Display Symbol Tree SymbolTreePlugin
Dock Satellite View FunctionCallGraphPlugin
Dock Satellite View FunctionGraphPlugin
Download_PDB_File PdbSymbolServerPlugin
DWARF Line Number AutoAnalysisPlugin
Edit DataTypeManagerPlugin
Edit GhidraScriptMgrPlugin
Edit Archive Paths DataTypeManagerPlugin
Edit Code Block Fields FunctionGraphPlugin
Edit Data Type DataPlugin
Edit External Location SymbolTreePlugin
Edit External Location SymbolTablePlugin
Edit Function Purge FunctionPlugin
Edit Function Signature DecompilePlugin
Edit Function Tags FunctionTagPlugin
Edit Options Tool
Edit Structure FunctionPlugin
Edit Vertex Label FunctionGraphPlugin
EditDataType DecompilePlugin
EditEclipse GhidraScriptMgrPlugin
Embedded Media AutoAnalysisPlugin
Enum DataTypeManagerPlugin
Enum from Selection DataTypeManagerPlugin
Error Bookmarks MarkerManagerPlugin
Exclude Operands MnemonicSearchPlugin
Exit Ghidra Tool
Expand All Data CodeBrowserPlugin
Expand All folders/fragments ProgramTreePlugin
Expand Block Down MemoryMapPlugin
Expand Block Up MemoryMapPlugin
Export ExporterPlugin
Export Data Types DataTypeManagerPlugin
Export to C DecompilePlugin
Export Tool Tool
Filter Arrays DataTypeManagerPlugin
Filter Bookmarks BookmarkPlugin
Filter Data Types DataWindowPlugin
Filter Pointers DataTypeManagerPlugin
Filter Registers Register Manager
Find Data Types By Size DataTypeManagerPlugin
Find Uses of Field DataTypeManagerPlugin
Follow location changes Register Manager
FSB Create Crypto Key Template FileFormatsPlugin
FSB Decompile JAR FileFormatsPlugin
FSB Export Eclipse Project FileFormatsPlugin
FSB Load iOS Kernel FileFormatsPlugin
Function Definition DataTypeManagerPlugin
Function Graph Options FunctionGraphPlugin
Function ID AutoAnalysisPlugin
Function Start Search AutoAnalysisPlugin
GenerateChecksum ComputeChecksumsPlugin
Ghidra API Help GhidraScriptMgrPlugin
Go To External Location SymbolTreePlugin
Go To Function Entry Point FunctionGraphPlugin
Graph Node Function Calls FunctionCallGraphPlugin
Group Selected Vertices FunctionGraphPlugin
Hide Incoming Edges FunctionCallGraphPlugin
Hide Incoming Level Edges FunctionCallGraphPlugin
Hide Outgoing Edges FunctionCallGraphPlugin
Hide Outgoing Level Edges FunctionCallGraphPlugin
Highlight MarkerManagerPlugin
Highlight Backward Inst Slice DecompilePlugin
Highlight Backward Slice DecompilePlugin
Highlight Defined Use DecompilePlugin
Highlight Forward Inst Slice DecompilePlugin
Highlight Forward Slice DecompilePlugin
Import C DataTypes CParserPlugin
Include Data Members in Filter DataTypeManagerPlugin
Include Operands MnemonicSearchPlugin
Include Operands (except constants) MnemonicSearchPlugin
Info Bookmarks MarkerManagerPlugin
Installed Processors ProgramListPlugin
Instruction References From SymbolTablePlugin
Instructions QualifiedSelectionPlugin
Jump to a XRef FunctionGraphPlugin
Key Binding GhidraScriptMgrPlugin
Load PDB File PdbPlugin
Lock Archive DataTypeManagerPlugin
Make Selection SymbolTreePlugin
Make Selection Tool
Make Selection From Focused Edges FunctionGraphPlugin
Make Selection From Hovered Edges FunctionGraphPlugin
Merge Blocks MemoryMapPlugin
Merge folder/fragment with Parent ProgramTreePlugin
Modify Instruction Flow DisassemblerPlugin
Modularize By Subroutine [Isolated Entry] ModuleAlgorithmPlugin
Modularize By Subroutine [Multiple Entry] ModuleAlgorithmPlugin
Modularize By Subroutine [Overlapped Code] ModuleAlgorithmPlugin
Modularize By Subroutine [Partitioned Code] ModuleAlgorithmPlugin
Move Block MemoryMapPlugin
Navigate on Incoming Location Changes FunctionCallGraphPlugin
Navigation ProgramTreePlugin
Navigation SymbolTreePlugin
New GhidraScriptMgrPlugin
New Category DataTypeManagerPlugin
New File Data Type Archive DataTypeManagerPlugin
New Project Data Type Archive DataTypeManagerPlugin
Next Color Range ColorizingPlugin
Next Data Type in History DataTypeManagerPlugin
Non-Returning Functions - Discovered AutoAnalysisPlugin
Note Bookmarks MarkerManagerPlugin
On Selection ComputeChecksumsPlugin
Ones Complement ComputeChecksumsPlugin
Open File Data Type Archive DataTypeManagerPlugin
Open Project Data Type Archive DataTypeManagerPlugin
Open Tree View ProgramTreePlugin
Override Signature DecompilePlugin
Overview OverviewColorPlugin
Page Setup PrintingPlugin
Paste folder/fragment ProgramTreePlugin
Pin Symbol SymbolTablePlugin
Previous Color Range ColorizingPlugin
Previous Data Type in History DataTypeManagerPlugin
Processor Options DisassemblerPlugin
Program Options ProgramManagerPlugin
Re-create Function FunctionPlugin
References To SymbolTablePlugin
Refresh DecompilePlugin
Refresh GhidraScriptMgrPlugin
Refresh BuiltInTypes DataTypeManagerPlugin
Relayout Graph FunctionGraphPlugin
Remove From Group FunctionGraphPlugin
Remove Highlight SetHighlightPlugin
Remove Invalid Archive DataTypeManagerPlugin
Remove Signature Override DecompilePlugin
Rename DataTypeManagerPlugin
Rename GhidraScriptMgrPlugin
Rename folder/fragment ProgramTreePlugin
Rename Fragment from Code Browser AutoRenamePlugin
Rename Fragment from Program Tree View AutoRenamePlugin
Rename Symbol SymbolTreePlugin
Rename Tree View ProgramTreePlugin
Reset Graph FunctionGraphPlugin
Reset Graph FunctionCallGraphPlugin
Restore Selection RestoreSelectionPlugin
Revert Data Type DataTypeManagerPlugin
Revert Thunk Function FunctionPlugin
Run GhidraScriptMgrPlugin
Save DataTypeManagerPlugin
Save All Files ProgramManagerPlugin
Save As File ProgramManagerPlugin
Save Tool Tool
Save Tool As Tool
Script Directories GhidraScriptMgrPlugin
Scroll Lock ConsolePlugin
Search for Address Tables AutoTableDisassemblerPlugin
Search for Direct References FindPossibleReferencesPlugin
Search for Scalars ScalarSearchPlugin
Search for Strings StringTablePlugin
Search Instruction Patterns InstructionSearchPlugin
select addresses ProgramTreeSelectionPlugin
Select All Flows From SelectByFlowPlugin
Select All Flows To SelectByFlowPlugin
Select Bookmark Locations BookmarkPlugin
Select Complement CodeBrowserPlugin
Select Dead Subroutine SelectByFlowPlugin
Select Forward Scoped Flow SelectByScopedFlowPlugin
Select Function SelectByFlowPlugin
Select Limited Flows From SelectByFlowPlugin
Select Limited Flows To SelectByFlowPlugin
Select Program Changes SelectByFlowPlugin
Select Register Value Ranges Register Manager
Select Reverse Scoped Flow SelectByScopedFlowPlugin
Select Subroutine SelectByFlowPlugin
SelectBlock SelectBlockPlugin
Selection MarkerManagerPlugin
Set Color ColorizingPlugin
Set EOL Comment CommentsPlugin
Set External Name Association ReferencesPlugin
Set External Program SymbolTreePlugin
Set Fallthrough FallThroughPlugin
Set Favorite Data Type DataTypeManagerPlugin
Set Filter SymbolTablePlugin
Set Image Base MemoryMapPlugin
Set Plate Comment CommentsPlugin
Set Post Comment CommentsPlugin
Set Pre Comment CommentsPlugin
Set Repeatable Comment CommentsPlugin
Set Selection From Highlight SetHighlightPlugin
Set Stack Depth Change FunctionPlugin
Set Thunked Function FunctionPlugin
Shared Return Calls AutoAnalysisPlugin
Show Base Data Type DataTypeManagerPlugin
Show Comment History CommentsPlugin
Show default register values Register Manager
Show Function Call Trees CallTreePlugin
Show Hex Values ComputeChecksumsPlugin
Show History DataTypeManagerPlugin
Show Incoming Edges FunctionCallGraphPlugin
Show Incoming Level Edges FunctionCallGraphPlugin
Show Instruction Info ShowInstructionInfoPlugin
Show Outgoing Edges FunctionCallGraphPlugin
Show Outgoing Level Edges FunctionCallGraphPlugin
Show Preview Window DataTypeManagerPlugin
Show Processor Manual ShowInstructionInfoPlugin
Sort Fragments By Address ModuleSortPlugin
Sort Fragments By Name ModuleSortPlugin
Split Block MemoryMapPlugin
Stack AutoAnalysisPlugin
Structure DataTypeManagerPlugin
Subtract Selection From Highlight SetHighlightPlugin
Symbol References SymbolTablePlugin
Toggle Header CodeBrowserPlugin
Toggle Mouse Hover Popups CodeBrowserPlugin
Toggle Show Translated Value TranslateStringsPlugin
Translate with Manual TranslateStringsPlugin
Twos Complement ComputeChecksumsPlugin
Undefined QualifiedSelectionPlugin
UndoCheckOut DataTypeManagerPlugin
Ungroup All Vertices FunctionGraphPlugin
Ungroup Selected Vertices FunctionGraphPlugin
Union DataTypeManagerPlugin
Unlock Archive DataTypeManagerPlugin
Update DataTypeManagerPlugin
Update MyProgramChangesDisplayPlugin
Update From Archive DataTypeManagerPlugin
User Agreement Tool
Vertex View Mode FunctionGraphPlugin
View Check Outs DataTypeManagerPlugin
View Symbol References SymbolTablePlugin
Warning Bookmarks MarkerManagerPlugin
XOR Checksum Values ComputeChecksumsPlugin
Zoom to Vertex FunctionGraphPlugin
Zoom to Window FunctionGraphPlugin
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