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Source Explicitly validate the permuted register count when encoding and dec… Oct 29, 2013


Fork of now

I am currently using the 64bitSubproject branch but at the time of this edit the only differences from the upstream master are this and the .gitignore file to exclued the workspace. I don't believe that there is any reason to use my branch as the main project master tree works fine with Xcode 5 as a subproject/submodule. This repo may be deleted or mothballed when I fully confirm that everything is working as expected.

This may or may not stay up to date so always track the main parent project. My main purpose for this repo is using the branches as submodules buildable within an iPhone app. xc5 works (with Analyser warnings some of which appear wrong) in Xcode 5 and FLsublistchanges works for me in Xcode 4.6.

It is intended for my use rather than as an alternative to the main project hosted at You are welcome to use it but it comes with absolutely no guarantees (even of future existence). If Pull requests are made they may be accepted but probably into a non-master branch as I may try to keep master tracking the main project (apart from adding this file).