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📷 Keepies - a memento of your app throughout time.

Keepies is a browser extension that periodically captures screenshots of your application during development so that you can maintain a history of your applications design and development over time.

The name keepie refers to "keep" and "keepie uppie" and functions as the terminology for a single screenshot taken by the extension.

Developer documentation


At the time of writing, it's unclear whether the functionality detailed below is even possible.

Core functionality

  • Capture - Captures screenshots of a URL periodically
  • Apps - Ability to set up "apps" which instruct the extension to name files appropriately
  • Store - Automatically downloads images without user interaction

Additional functionality

  • Idle - Removes duplicate images in case of idle screen
  • Device - Capture shots at different resolutions
  • Integrations - 3rd party integrations
  • Search - Search for images direct from the extension
  • Diffs - Visual diffing between images
  • Regions - Ability to specify regions of a page to screenshot
  • Ignore - An option for a particular page to be ignored by the capture
  • Daemon - Extra control over file download location and integrations

Functionality explained


Periodically takes keepies of the current page at a set interval. Only takes screenshots of origins that the user explicitly authenticates.

Each keepie is given a unique filename based off the current URL and time, possibly page title too.

Sensible default time interval between keepies but can be user overridden.

The file name would likely contain all the information necessary to search for an image.


An app signifies a URL origin unique to a single website. Apps allow multiple websites to be captured independently. Apps can be configured through the extensions interface and consist of a name and a URL origin.

URL origin may not be enough to distinguish between two apps. For example, I might have two apps running on localhost:3000. May need to distinguish using an optional HTML meta tag i.e. <meta name="keepie-app" content="Keepie" />


After a keepie is taken, it is automatically downloaded to a specified directory on the users machine.


If an image is identical to a previous keepie of the same URL, do not save it to disk. This is useful for preventing duplicate keepies when the machine is left idle.


Captures multiple keepies at different device sizes. Defaults to mobile, tablet and desktop but can be configured per app.


Integrations allow for automatic backup of keepies to a 3rd party i.e. github or dropbox.

Integrations would likely require a daemon on the user's machine to work. See below for more information.


Ability to search for keepies through the extension interface.

This may prove difficult if a custom directory location is used.


Ability to perform regression testing on screenshots made by the same URL. In truth, this is likely a bit out of scope for this utility, but it's a potential nice to have.


Ability to specify regions on a page to screenshot. Most likely this would be a CSS selector pointing to a unique DOM node on the page. Regions would be captured in addition to the standard full page screenshots.


A daemon on the client-side to periodically watch the browser's downloads directory for keepies would allow moving keepies to a user-specified directory. Otherwise, the standard browser directory must be used. A daemon also allow directories to be created per app.


📸 A memento of your app throughout time



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