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  • Models can now be used on the front end
  • Added the -rt option for app generation
  • Added realtime system to models
  • Added a connect compatibility mode to before and after filters
  • Added authentication system
  • Added named associations
  • Made deploying to PaaS's a little easier
  • New locals added to i18n
  • Removed Templato dependency
  • Fixed a ton more bugs (keep 'em coming!)


  • Brand new Web site with extensive docs
  • Removed models from geddy core, moved into Model project
  • Removed utilities from geddy core, moved into Utilities project
  • Removed router from geddy core, replaced with Barista
  • Added view helpers
  • Added model as a dependency
  • Added utilities as a dependency
  • Added barista as a dependency
  • Added the geddy console command for CLI access to apps
  • Added the geddy jake command to run Jake tasks in the app environment
  • Added a ton of tests
  • Fixed a ton of bugs