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  • Better heuristic for guessing document creation date from ObjectId — See #55
  • Catch more connection auth errors (Ruby backend).
  • Support authenticating directly against a DB for non-admin users — See #16
  • Make the welcome masthead vertically responsive — See #61
  • Source code and asset cleanup.


  • Prevent connection errors from messing up /servers response (Ruby backend) — See #46
  • Handle connectTimeoutMS and ssl server options (Ruby backend) — See #42
  • Cleaner mobile back buttons in WebKit browsers.
  • Disable submit button in paranoid db/collection confirm dialog until name is confirmed.
  • Handle crazy characters in collection names (PHP backend) – See #56


  • Add warning messages for magic_quotes_gpc and magic_quotes_runtime — See #49.
  • Work around PHP driver issue with non-scalar ids — See #51.
  • Fix error handling documents with null identifiers — See #51.
  • Make document headers prettier for non-string and non-ObjectId identifiers.
  • Handle URI decoding and routing for non-string and non-ObjectId identifiers in some browsers.
  • Saner connection timeouts — See #44.
  • Fix "add server" regression in PHP — See #50.
  • Never daemonize genghisapp for Windows users — See #54.


  • Optical correction for masthead background image aspect.
  • Use Adobe's beautiful Source Code Pro rather than relying on the default system monospace.
  • Fix #48 — ActiveRecord messes up DateTime#to_time.
  • Fix #52 — MongoDate parsing regression in PHP.


  • Get CI working with Travis, add build status badge to README.
  • Fix Genghis asset URI when mounted on a non-root route (thanks Johan Buts).
  • Swap out masthead bg image for some CSS3 hotness.


  • Fix #38 — JSON rendering weirdness with empty array properties.
  • Fix #40 — Ruby 1.8.7 regression.


  • Fix #28 — Handle BSON BinData properly in documents and ids.
  • Fix #33 — Remove unexpected collapsed document representation in edit mode.
  • Fix #32 — No more mixed-content warning when Genghis is running over SSL.
  • Fix #35 — No more "Add Server" fail in Ruby.
  • Fix — Handle connection auth errors more gracefully.
  • Fix — Query bug when running under PHP 5.4 SAPI CLI server.
  • Add ObjectId timestamps to document headers.
  • Add a sanity check for PHP date.timezone settings.
  • Add an asset cachebuster param so nobody has to force refresh after updating.
  • Add a full API spec. Yey tests!
  • Improve consistency between PHP and Ruby APIs. This update brought to you by Full Test Coverage.
  • Refactor PHP API. For the children.
  • Added CONTRIBUTING.markdown.


  • Fix #29 — Don't throw unexpected unary expression error when parsing negative numbers.
  • Fix #22 — Handle high badge counts on nav dropdown.
  • Fix #30 — Weird content clipping when editing really long documents.


  • Fix #26 — Don't double-encode HTML entities in JSON output.


Brand new features:

  • Genghis doesn't require a webserver! Ghengis.php now runs as a standalone server with the PHP 5.4 CLI SAPI.
  • Genghis doesn't require PHP! Introducing Genghis.rb — Thanks @TylerBrock for doing all the work :)
  • Add super-simple RubyGems installation. gem install genghisapp is the new hotness.
  • Add a command line executable / daemon. You're just a genghisapp away. How rad is that?
  • Add support for pre-configured servers via the $GENGHIS_SERVERS environment variable.
  • Add support for replica sets, e.g. localhost:12345/?replicaSet=production.

Tons of improvements:

  • Add this CHANGELOG. Meta.
  • Genghis now has a more refined visual style — greeeeen!
  • More responsive design (check it in a really small window!)
  • Epic document parsing and rendering overhaul:
    • Huge speed improvements. Rendering, collapsing and scrolling like wow.
    • Date, ObjectId and regular expression values (and more) are now formatted (and edited) for humans, not robots.
    • Documents are now displayed and edited as Genghis Flavored JSON, a more lenient and intuitive superset of JSON.
  • UX Improvements:
    • Speed up the initial page load time.
    • Update code editor. The new one (CodeMirror) is lighter, faster, smaller and a cleaner implementation.
    • Add Cmd+Enter / Ctrl+Enter keyboard shortcut for saving the document being edited.
    • Prevent "new document" modal from closing on background click.
    • Better "keyboard shortcuts" dialog on smaller screens.
    • Require database name confirmation rather than DELETE before removing a db.
    • Collection removal is paranoid as well: it also requires confirmation before removing.
    • Restore spinning states to most sections — a spinner will show rather than displaying incorrect or outdated info.
    • Expando-matic search box. No more squinting or scrolling to see your massive queries.
  • Update Bootstrap (2.1.0), jQuery (1.8.0), Underscore (1.3.3), and Backbone (0.9.2).
  • Use UglifyJS instead of closure compiler to minify JS. It's faster and doesn't require Java :)
  • Mustaches! Now using Hogan.js instead of Underscore templating.
  • Check for updates. You can disable this with a $GENGHIS_NO_UPDATE_CHECK environment variable.
  • Add a welcome screen with project link and version info.
  • The README has way more to READ.
  • Spun off Bootstrappy styles for Apprise into their own project. Check it out!
  • All this while reducing the codebase by about 10%. BOOM.

And a handful of bug fixes:

  • Fix #19 — Only implicitly wrap MongoIds if they're 24 character hex strings.
  • Fix #20 — Support creating and editing documents with an attributes property.
  • Fix output glitches when displaying a brand new document immediately after an existing document.
  • Fix – possible JavaScript error when adding a new collection.
  • Fix – handful of rare (and relatively benign) error messages.
  • Fix — malformed server DSN could prevent servers list from rendering.
  • Fix — rare bug where properties with a specific structure might be mistaken for ObjectIds or Dates.
  • Fix — no longer recreates missing dbs and collections on GET requests.
  • Fix — all sorts of things now 404 if they're missing, rather than rendering an empty page.
  • Fix — assorted issues with running in subdirectories, and under nginx.
  • Improve error handling in a couple of places.


  • Mention the PECL driver dependency.
  • Fix regressions with the search box.
  • Fix auto-collapsing documents when there are a bunch.
  • Escape HTML in folded document summaries.


  • Update to Bootstrap v2.0.2.
  • Fix error message regression when PECL Mongo driver isn't present.
  • Fix missing CSS from the keyboard shortcuts help dialog.
  • Minor cleanup.


  • Add a keyboard shortcuts note to the footer.
  • Namespace PHP classes.
  • Improve document folding (style and performance!).


Genghis v1.3.0: Now with KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS!


  • Update to Bootstrap v2.0.1.
  • Work around bug with PECL Mongo driver < 1.0.11.


  • Add authentication support.
  • Expose additional details in server, database and collection rows.


Add a version number to docblocks and built packages.


Update to Bootstrap v1.4.0.


Fix an E_STRICT error in asset mime-type guessing.


Initial release.

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