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Contributions welcome!

First, I'd like to apologize to the PHP devs for making you mess with Ruby. But it's for the best.

Development requirements

You'll need Ruby. Ruby 1.9.x would be best. After you've got Ruby, clone the repo and install dependencies:

git clone
cd genghis
git submodule update --init
gem install bundle
bundle install

Building Genghis

Genghis is... a bit weird.

  • The two app files, genghis.rb and genghis.php are built via Rake. To regenerate them, run rake build from the project directory.
  • If you just want to build one or the other, you can run rake build:php or rake build:rb.
  • For development, it's usually best to use non-minified assets. Run rake build NOCOMPRESS=1 to skip minification.
  • Be sure to commit the compiled genghis.rb and genghis.php along with your source changes.

Running the API test suite

If you're changing the API, you'll need to ensure that the API test suite passes. If you're adding a new feature or fixing a bug, you should add corresponding tests as well.

To run the test suite, you'll need PHP 5.4+ and a Mongo instance running on localhost.


If you don't have PHP 5.4+, you can test just the Ruby API by editing spec/spec_helper.rb and removing :php from the backend list:

--- a/spec/spec_helper.rb
+++ b/spec/spec_helper.rb
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ require_relative '../genghis.rb'
 RSpec.configure do |config|
   def genghis_backends
-    [:php, :ruby]
+    [:ruby]
   def find_available_port

Opening a pull request

You can do some things to increase the chance that your pull request is accepted the first time:

  • Open all pull requests against the develop branch.
  • Submit one pull request per fix or feature.
  • To help with that, do your work in a feature branch (e.g. feature/my-alsome-feature).
  • Follow the conventions you see used in the project. This is especially important when switching between languages, since Genghis is essentially a Ruby server, an PHP server, and a JavaScript client. Make your code look like the code around it.
  • Write API tests that fail without your code, and pass with it.
  • Don't bump version numbers. Those will be updated — per semver — once your change is merged into master.
  • Update any documentation: docblocks, README, etc.
  • ... Don't update the wiki until your change is merged and released, but make a note in your pull request so we don't forget.